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Moin, nach dem neuen Update kann ich mein Spiel laden (fängt neuerdings beim laden schon an zu ruckeln)
Ich kann es ca 3 Minuten lang spielen und dann friert mein Bildschirm ein.

Bitte um Lösungen

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Hello @juergen-trum!

I’m terribly sorry but we're only able to help in English on this Discussions. This is just because we try to avoid automatic translation tools to help avoid potential misunderstandings. Instead, we feel it’s better for our players to speak to Support Agents and other players who also speak their preferred language.

We do have some other language forums that can be located at the bottom right of the page. Just click on "English" to see a drop-down menu to be taken to the other language forums we have support available on. There's also the option of creating a support case where a member of your regional team will be able to assist you further.

If you'd like to continue here in this Discussion in English, that's okay too, we'd just need you to translate the post for us. My apologies for the inconvenience!