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I'm having a weird issue with the latest update (update 12)
I have the complete edition. on August 31, I updated (2 GB) and played a little, then when I opened it the next day I found it needs an update (466 MB), I updated and found that this update missed everything with the game interface and nothing was readeable in the interface or images before starting the game,then immediatly i found it needs another update (1.96 GB), after updating everything is working fine and played with no issues, but the next day i found the same cycle repeats, needs an update (466 MB), miss up the interface, then another update (1.96).
and I have a metred connection so this is causing a greater issue for me.
(update is done through UBISOFT connect)

23 days ago - Ubi-WheelyDuck - Direct link

Hey guys,

Sorry to hear that you encounter this.

I can confirm that we are currently investigating this for a permanent solution.

At this moment however I would recommend to restart Ubisoft Connect and verify your game files until you receive the 2GB update.

Many thanks for your patience