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I launched Anno this afternoon and after a few minutes into the game I observed that some goods that I always trade at the docklands were not being imported (wood, iron, coal, copper.....).
Tobias shows up but for some reason only part of the goods on my trade list go through... and not the most important might I add.

Looking closely, when checking the goods that have an issue I can read read that they are "redondant" (in French), basically that they are used to import and export at the same time. Which is not the case. I tried to take them out and select them again but still doesn't work. Tried to erase some modules from the docks but failed as well. A big part of my economy is based on the docklands and can no longer play the game.

I hope I made myself clear 😉 and you unsersatnd the issue. Help would be much appreciated as I love this game !
Thanks you and hope earing from you soon.


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@kuro-conan Hey! Thank you for providing this bug report about the Merchandise Redunandt message. Thank you for the image this is most useful.

I have gone ahead and reported this to the dev team for further investigation.

Once there is an update we will reach back out to you.

Thank you.