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Ever since the new update, my buddy and I have been consistently getting the LR40 error on any fresh game start or loading of a previous saved game. We followed all of the troubleshooting steps listed in the "Issues with starting the game after Game Update 16" news post. Is there anything else we can do/try or get any additional assistance with resolving this? We are super excited to try out the new content in the new dlc, but have been unable as of yet to play together.

21 days ago - Ubi-LadyBlue - Direct link

Hey there @Jordo754,

Our teams have been investigating this error and hope to have it resolved soon. I'm so very sorry that you ran into it and that the troubleshooting didn't fix it for you and your buddy!

I don't have any updates just yet, but I'd advise keeping an eye on our Social Media pages for updates on the situation!