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The text under the scenario name for both "A Clash of Couriers" and the new "Pride and Peddlers" is the exactly the same (reads "show off your aptitude for airmail..." etc).

There's another bug in the Pride and Peddlers scenario - when you display one artifact, you get the bronze completion even though the requirement for the completion are to display *all* the artifacts, not just one.

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Hi @Davez621 , welcome to the Anno forums! I really appreciate your reports of these two issues with Pride and Peddlers - that the text is actually that of A Clash of Couriers, and that the medals are being awarded prematurely.

Fortunately, both of these are issues our team has noted internally, so we're currently investigating. That said, I really appreciate the reports! I hope you've otherwise been having a good time with the game ✨