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Before Anno v.15, if pirates had many ships and you attacked and destroyed one of their ships, all the other ships would clump together to form a big fleet to attack and hunt you down.
This no longer happens, its broken.

Before if you attacked a pirate ship and your ship was way stronger, the pirate ship would alter its course and attempt to flee from you.
This no longer happens, its broken.

Before the pirate ships would avoid entering player or AI harbor areas, its even mentioned in the code with:
This no longer happens, its broken, pirate ships just wander in your harbors to suicide themselves on your turrets.

Before a pirate ship would actively hunt down one of your ships if it got too close and your ship was way weaker, pirate would alter course and actively pursue you.
This no longer happens, its broken.

The ONLY thing pirate ships seem to do, is aimlessly wander the map from point A to point B, if they happen to randomly meet one of your ships they would shoot you maybe once or twice, but thats it, they would totally ignore everything around them and just continue moving from point A to point B, once reaching point B they will set a new destination.
Thats literally all they do now, move from point to point, nothing else.

Ubisoft, you really need to fix this mess, you said you would improve AI behavior, this is not improvement...

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Hello everyone!

It does sound like these pirates have become a bit *boring* after the update. 

I do appreciate you getting this reported @Andi18002022 along with the specifics of what they're doing or rather, not doing. And thank you to both @IIAc3sII and @kara0815 for also confirming. 

Thanks to all of you, I was able to get this together and reported to our teams for them to take a look. I'm so very sorry that this has had a negative impact on your gameplay but please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything else I can help with in the meantime.