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Hi all and happy new year !

I have a boring bug with my trade unions : thanks to a policy of labour department (Palace), I have a 4th slot in my trade unions.
I put an item (whatever) in this slot ; i save and quit the game ; I restart... My item disappeared 😞

 I have GU16, all DLC except those of season 4, no mod. I've already tried checking files.

Thanks for any help.


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Hello @halibm2018 and a belated Happy New Year to you too! My apologies for the delay on that.

That is definitely a bit odd. Try clearing your Ubisoft Connect cache and if that doesn't work, could I have you grab me a couple of screenshots or a video if possible showcasing the item disappearing when you reload the save? Also just to confirm, does this only happen with your Trade Union and in that fourth slot? Nothing disappears from any other slots?