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On the quest "I, Me, Mine" The mine spawns ON the objective for me... I just lost a diving bell with 3 legendary attachments with NO way to recover them.. thanks; never doing this quest again.

To stipulate; the mine was ON the objective (not near it, literally deadcenter of the objective where you need to dive)... it was also located in such a manner that I could sail ON the objective (by slightly shirking the area you need to dive in) but absolutely NO way to get off it anymore (any slight turn would set it off due to turnradius)... when I tried to anyway I set off the mine and the lost attachments spawned BEHIND the mine in the water; causing everything to be unrecoverable...

PLEASE do a vicinity check on quests like these; it's way too easy for them to spawn in cramped areas where you either can't get to them because the objective gets locked away BEHIND the mine, without any way to get to them OR in such a fashion that you WILL lose a ship sailing AWAY from the objective... a player should not have to gamble on tossing the cargo overboard in the hopes another ship can salvage it to save both ships..

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Hello @Bert_Boomgaard and @PrinnerX,

My apologies that this has turned out to be so frustrating for you both and caused you to lose items. It is something that's been reported to the teams and they are looking into it. Could you create a support case for me and attach your save files so I could pass them along? Just let me know once you've done so and I'll get them added and the report updated.