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I started a new savegame yesterday and played for a few hours. Before closing the game I did also manually save the game.
When I wanted to continue the campaign today, the savegame did not show up in the "load" screen.

I have verified that the savegames files are present in the Documents/Anno1800/accounts/....

What I have tried:

  • Running Ubisoft Connect as administrator
  • Restarting Ubisoft connect
  • Verifying game files
  • Restarting PC
  • Removing savegame from Documents/Anno1800/accounts/.... starting the game, re-adding the savegame to that folder and starting the game again

None of these things seem to help as the savegame still does not show up ingame.

Any help would be appreciated 🙂

16 days ago - Ubi-WheelyDuck - Direct link

Hey @goosewayne2,

Sorry to hear that you are encountering this issue, we are currently actively investigating.

Would it be possible to once again restart connect and verify game files until you see the 2GB patch for 12.0?

Many thanks

16 days ago - Ubi-WheelyDuck - Direct link

Hey @goosewayne2,

Thank you for your update, it is great to hear that this helped.

If ever we can help in the future just let us know