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I have recently bought the game (complete edition).
When installing the game it is available only in 2 languages: russian and chinese. After the installation the game is also available only in these 2 languages.
I've tried suggested fixes - but english was not available in any of the dropdowns.

Please advise on how to change the language to English.

PS. I am not in Russia/China and when purchasing the game it did not say i'm buying a russian/chinese version
PS2. All my settings throughout the accounts/computer are set to english.

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about 1 year ago - Ubi-LadyBlue - Direct link

Hello @xdmfdmf and my sincere apologies for my delay and that you're only seeing those two languages available.

As language options can vary by region and version, I'd recommend reaching out to the retailer you purchased from for assistance. If it was through us, feel free to create a support ticket and attach an image of your proof of purchase so the teams can take a closer look at what could have happened.