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I've just updated the game today and now if I click anywhere in the bottom right, it takes me to the Ubisoft connect page. I can't do anything in that corner, such as build ships, upgrade houses, etc., it always goes away from the game. Worked perfectly this morning up to when I updated.

Is there any way to remove the update?

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Hello @Balaton1 thanks for getting in touch with us and sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue.

Can you please let us know what display mode you are using in-game, full screen, borderless etc, and have you tried switching between these modes to see if all are affected?

Can you let me know what resolution monitor it is you use and do you use more than one to play the game?

There isn't an official way to currently roll back an update in any of our games, but if you can get back to me on the above, or alternatively try to provide a video of what this looks like, we can investigate this issue further for you.