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We’re turning up the heat in Season Five with Map Monsters: Summer Party Edition! Scout the land and scour the sea in search for the elusive Wild Man and mysterious Dragon Turtle in our Summer Party event! Start a match off strong in Empire Wars – a new, quick-to-action game mode where players start with a burgeoning empire of pre-built buildings and villagers already tasked to resources. But that’s not all: We’ve packed this update with loads of new content and features, ready for you to dive in starting June 15th!

A few highlights include:

  • Three new maps: Golden Heights, Migration, and Volcanic Island!
  • The start of Ranked Season Five, bringing with it new rewards and an updated map pool rotation!
  • Team Voice Chat – strategize with your friends in-match with the new team voice chat! Or use the speech-to-text feature to more easily send communications to your team!
  • Visual upgrades, ...
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