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Anyone else notice that surveys always come up after you get paired up against players that are obviously too good or you have really bad teammates?

If it’s not going towards improving matchmaking, why is this data being collected?

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It's pretty much random....

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What's a live technical designer do?

I'm technically a designer that's still alive.

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😱😱 no way.

Btw, have you ever considered a buff for crypto? It would be called "off the grid"...

No. Tell me more. 😅😂🤣😅😂 (I'm in the crypto main subreddit)

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How beneficial are they? It seems odd that it doesn't ask why, like how are you supposed to know I didn't like it because we spent the match running from the ring, or I did like it because I picked up my favorite guns?


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Are you a crypto main? Who do you main? I main valk because I love the mobility

We've been talking about me getting the Crypto haircut.