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Game is in an unplayable state for me currently (literally). Just loaded it up and can navigate the menus fine, select game modes, and ready up. But as soon as I’m dropped into a match, my mouse and keyboard just completely stop working. Thought I found a temporary fix by opening task manager and then going back to the game window, but then my game is extremely laggy and drops to probably 10 FPS. Restarts have done nothing. Ping is at 34ms. Literally can’t do a thing. This is getting old.

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Hey u/FOX_SMOLDER, thanks for the report.

Is there any other information you can share?

Are you running the game in windowed or full-screen. Are you using more than one monitor?

Seems like an issue where the game application isn't the focus, can you try pressing Alt+Enter to see if that refocuses the game?