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Originally posted by Beppu-Gonzaemon

I am having trouble understanding him

C'est la vie

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Originally posted by fLu_csgo

Just started watching this - fantastic so far, really really good insights in to matchmaking. Makes me really happy that Respawn have such good engineers on board - Samy is clearly very very good at his job, and passionate to boot. I am so glad they put stuff like this out there and allow their engineers to talk freely!

Thanks a bunch, do not hesitate if you have any questions!

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Originally posted by fLu_csgo

Thanks man! I actually do and it was a point that was verrrrry briefly touched on regarding hairpinning (literally mentioned off the cuff) :

I live in the UK and honestly, some times it feels like we live in the United Kingdom of Latency when playing vs the rest of Europe - this has gone back 20+ years as far as dial up days and pre-DSL/ADSL internet - when we used to play CS beta!

Have you ever come across evidence (even anecdotal) to point towards people living on islands (even as "developed" as the UK) to suggest that living on an island can be detrimental to network traffic leaving said island? As opposed to say, being in France/Belgium/Germany/Netherlands for instance, where the network infrastructure is much more accessible than infrastructure that travels under the sea (and by very definition is "harder" to maintain)?

Could it literally be down to how badly the infrastructure is maintained/has aged (without refresh) in the UK as opposed to the rest of Europe?

Sorry the question is 100% random, but it's not often you get to ask someone with as much experience as yourself something that has bugged you for 20 years!

The main business of your ISP is to interconnect its own network to other ISP network for as cheap as possible. When you play on an Apex server, your Internet goes from your ISP to multiple "hop". The ISP bill and pay others ISPs based on the input/output volume of data. But it is also defined by hardware capacity. So if only one of the interconnection along the way has congestion, you will feel it! Sometime ISP accept it as it is temporary, or only for peak hours and they accept the service degradation for cost reasons. People browsing the web will shrug it off, but real time multiplayer is sensitive to it!

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Originally posted by PalkiaOW

Thanks for the insightful interview. Many of us play Apex basically every day, so it's very interesting to get a look behind the scenes on fundamental topics like lag compensation or matchmaking.

I think it's no secret that a lot of players (especially towards the high skill brackets) are unhappy with the pub and arena matchmaking. The most common complaint is that solo queuers are frequently matched against high-skill premades, while often receiving low-skill teammates. This is especially frustrating in Arenas, since getting two Lv40 teammates while facing triple stacking Diamond+ players feels like the game is over before it even started.

Personally I feel like the pub SBMM has improved a lot over the past two years, so I'm confident that it will keep getting better. But are you guys planning any future improvements specifically for this solo vs premades situation?

We updated matchmaking last week for the teammate issue and I think it is getting better.

We are planning more update for the premades.

Overall I think it is mostly a perception issue. The numbers for arena are good. Even if the matchmaker put you with 2 low levels, it should be the same in the other teams and we have not seen much proof contradicting this (we have extensive data showing the win rates and people trajectory). Of course it does not feel good to have to carry your team by a lot, so we are addressing the issue (but keep in mind it is certainly the same for the other guy).

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Originally posted by Duke_Best

u/ricklesauceur - Kudos to the host for bringing up SBMM. It's good to see some verification as to why SBMM is broken for many people (especially solo queuers) from a Dev and that you have ideas on how to fix it. I know it's likely out of your hands, but any possible ETAs on when you/your team can actually start to implement it?

Always hard to answers those questions because you are making assumptions. Is SBMM broken? If I do not think so, I cannot answer it.

The population having the lowest win rate are actually duos (because you play with a friend with a big level delta difference). It is where I am putting our effort first as said in the video.

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Originally posted by Duke_Best

I mean broken as in solo players that are > 500 level. When I pub queue it’s obvious I’m being partied almost exclusively with sub-100 level players for about 6 games. Then, poof!, I get matched with a couple players 300 level or above. We either win game or come in top-5, then next 6 games it’s matched with sub-level 100 players again. It’s really obvious what happening and very disheartening. I realize pubs aren’t ranked, but consistently being paired with much lower level teammates is no fun.

I understand what you are saying but level is not relevant to assess someone's level.

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Originally posted by equaNJ

Hi Samy. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. It was incredibly informative and inspiring for a budding network professional. I completely understand the philosophy that Respawn has decided to take with interpolation in Apex Legends for the sake of making the game more accessible to those around the world with higher latency. I think you and the team have done a brilliant job at making Apex Legends a game that almost anyone around the world can pick up and find an enjoyable play experience with, even if they suffer from common networking issues in more remote parts of the world. I sincerely want you to know you really have done something truly spectacular with the netcode in Apex Legends.

I am curious, however, if it is plausible with your network infrastructure to allow for more refined interpolation settings to be made standard, or at least somewhat accessible, for more competitive modes of play within Apex Legends? Has it at all been considered to introduce some form of a more server-authoritative networking model for ranked (or diamond+ ranked, for example) lobbies or at least to allow it as an option in private lobbies? (I am familiar with this being an effective means of making cheaters easier to detect in other games.) Has a potential tightening of the lag compensation buffers been considered for these play modes? I think these types of settings, which are commonplace in many source engine multiplayer games (CS:GO a famous example of course), are very important for helping gameplay feel more 'crisp' to highly sensitive competitive players.

A lot of the misconceptions players seem to have about 'tickrate' actually seem to stem largely in part to being unfamiliar with more client-oriented interpolation, leading many to feel like they frequently get 'shot around corners' and the like, even when they themselves have a smooth connection with low latency. Similarly on the 'tickrate' issue which I know is a 'dead horse' at this point, I would ask much the same. Has there been any consideration by Respawn for an increase in tickrate exclusively for Arenas since they aren't as demanding in a data-sense and could more easily benefit from these changes at an overall lower server-performance cost ratio? What about for private lobbies, or again even ranked, more specifically? I am very intrigued to hear your thoughts on the possibilities of the implementation of more specialized networking approaches for more competitive gameplay/game modes, something I think would go an astoundingly long way in helping secure the future of Apex Legends as an eSport going forward. Thank you!

So just to be clear, the game is still fully using a "server-authoritative networking model". It is the way it is designed. What kills the feeling of fairness is not the high ping, but the delta of latency between people and I mostly think it can be solved by matchmaking (grouping people with similar latency). It seems like the right approach. With low latency, the game should feel good and responsive (think LAN) without needing tuning (as in high). Comparisons with CS GO are complicated because our netcode parted ways with Source engine 10 years ago (like number of update rate locked on server tickrate vs lock on framerate, etc).

For the tick rate, my usual joke is: if you can tell me why you want higher tick rate, I would consider it. It is of course a bad faith joke, because it would be very hard for you without knowing the internal of the games what it would do. I think the main goal now has I said in the video is to lower bandwidth usage of the game so stay tuned.

Thanks for the thoughtful post.

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Originally posted by Beppu-Gonzaemon

I was not trying to disparage you or cause strife. Thank you for all that you do

No worries! Not much I can do about it, I learnt English late in my life (by watching LOST) so this ship has certainly sailed.

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Originally posted by HAMMERHEAD394

u/ricklesauceur - You mentioned the latency issues in Asian server very briefly. Can you elaborate on that or point me to the right resources so that I can look it up and understand what these inherent issues are?

It is mostly routing. I describe the issue here: https://www.reddit.com/r/CompetitiveApex/comments/owia0q/p2p_v_clientserver_matchmaking_with_respawn_lead/h7gp48r/

In Asia, you have long distance, lot of undersea cables and different countries and operators. It makes everything more difficult. You add a bit more of political factor on the mix (what countries can link to the States through undersea cable for example https://blog.telegeography.com/trans-pacific-cables-asian-hubs-plcn-status).

Hope it helps!

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Originally posted by Objective-Cloud2849

So let's say someone like my self just has a 1kd like even a tad lower.. but every game I'll get preds and master's 3 stacking ?

Even If I play with a mate in pubs we just die To players who have 50k+ kills on one legend? ..

Is this getting looked at ?

I don't mind the challenge just gets boring day in and out

Yes it is.

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Originally posted by JevvyMedia

You wanna give a tl;dr for the SBMM?

Match the skill of the hour, instant fun for little ones and grown up.

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Originally posted by equaNJ

Thank you as well for your quick and apt reply. Certainly without knowing the ins-and-outs of your code infrastructure most assessments of the netcode's performance will be anecdotal at best. Really I can only say so much to my experiences as an avid player of Apex Legends and basic knowledge of networking and particularly the Source engine. As you mention even therein, my knowledge of the very engine is suspect to relevance with the fact that you have a version of said engine that is far removed from that which is more publicly available through tools like the barebones SDK.

I would love to hear more about the changes to updaterate and how it is tied to framerates. Such as what relevancy is used in the updaterate's correlation to framerate when the server's tickrate is so low by relative comparison. My understanding is that while the client side updaterate could theoretically be set to match the player's fps it would still be subject to the limitations of the server's tickrate and player's bandwidth limit, merely interpolating to a set amount of milliseconds inbetween each packet and updating only necessary info with each tick. Is the interpolation rate something that is non-static for the user, changing based on latency? Frame rate? I am curious what methodology you use to keep the game feeling so smooth at such variable latency relative to interpolation if it is static. One thing I don't see commonly mentioned as well, but I believe has been noticable to me even on a stable connection, is cmdrate. Commonly it is matched to updaterate, and similarly it is limited by bandwidth and tickrate. Very rarely, an input can feel entirely unresponsive for me, such as a jump input being missed, locally even, in rare occasions.

There is a known issue that is being worked on, from communications with your team, that many players experience stuttering when raising their fps cap above 190~ (mostly relevant to 240hz monitor users). I too experience this same issue and would love a remedy to this and am curious of any insights involving a potential relation between this and the update rate or tick rate functionality of your netcode.

Speaking of 'common issues' I see mentioned that may be relevant herein, I know 'missing audio' is a hot topic as well. There as so many variables of course it is next to impossible to pin these types of things to any one solution but all insights are of course super appreciated.

I do really enjoy your perspective about focusing matchmaking on minimizing disparities in player latency as best as possible. It truly makes a lot of sense when there is a lot of client-side interpolation at play like there seemingly is in Apex Legends. It is an eloquent solution for helping more players feel like their engagements were fair as you say. I also agree that on LAN less refinements are necessary as a whole, and similarly so interpolation at the very least to the extent of matching the tickrate, which seems most relavent in these situations because the responsiveness is no longer limited by the networking of the players but the actual bandwidth limitations and tickrate of the server itself, considering it too is on the LAN.

Thank you again for your time. I would love to hear more about your plans to reduce bandwidth and the positive effects it could have on the game. I hope my ceaseless questions aren't too much of a nuisance and hope you can provide me some more of your incredibly valuable insight whenever you have time.

A game like CS GO will only process a fixed set of inputs based on server tick rate. It is exactly what you are describing. Apex does not work like that. Apex processes a variable number of inputs based on your fps and completely de-correlated to the server tickrate. I think it is why most people think a higher tickrate will feel smoother (whatever that means). But we are not CSGO source, so it does not apply for us.

The fix is soon for the 190+ fps thing. Will not speak deliberately on the audio stuff, it is not my responsibility or skillset.

As long as people are respectful I always respond.

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Originally posted by shruicanewastaken

Even if the matchmaker put you with 2 low levels, it should be the same in the other teams

I personally think you shouldn't be matched against or with players who have a very low level when you played the game a lot. Even if my level 10 teammates have really good aim, they still lack a lot of gamesense and experience in the game - it's not fun for them to go against good players and it's not fun for me to carry them THAT hard.

But I definitely experienced an overall improvement in matchmaking quality in the last weeks (even before reading your comments here) so thanks for listening!

Gonna listen to the rest of the interview now, really interesting stuff!

I agree with you and I think we fixed it. Do not hesitate to message me if you experience otherwise.

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Originally posted by fastinrain

i have noticed a lot of improvement in the matchmaker. I do believe premades and soloqs should get their own matches with some SBMM thrown in there.

anyways. i have a question about Ranked. Specifically how the system seems to be a time-based 'grind' in addition to a skill based ladder, specifically due to the "Kill Cap" or RP cap element. IMO it obfuscates the actual skill difference in players and in low level leads to an insane smurf fest. dudes with 20+ kills every game getting the same RP as the bloodhound who scanned 5 enemies just as they are about to die without shooting a bullet doesn't make sense to me.

has respawn at all thought about using a "ALGS" type scoring system in ranked and removing tier demotion protection and RP caps?

i think the ranked system is in need of a bit of an overhaul but maybe Rspn thinks different who knows.

It all depends about the level you are playing on. We mention it in the video, some people do not want to wait, some do. In priority the matchmaker will put premade together, but SoloQ get merged depending on some time factor.

Those comments about ALGS scoring system are always funny to me because ALGS has the design of the first ranked before it changed again. And it is true, it is pretty grindy. We are trying something else with Arenas Ranked, we will see how it goes, give us our feedback after season 10 release.

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Originally posted by Electronic-Youth9198

Hi game Dev , I just read the patch notes and watch your interview in YouTube in Network next (great job and interesting infos) . I am just wondering about the support for 360hz monitors and make the in game FPS limiter up to 360 frames instead of 300 . And the 190fps bug where the frame time go crazy after 200fps and players sometimes become laggy on high FPS (+ pluse since last update there is a frame time spike when jumping from the ship that last for 1 sec and it did not matter what FPS I am on it reproducible on 60 FPS and 200+ FPS , you may look into that ) . Any update on the matter . You mentioned you gone update us . Thanks in Advance

We are working on the 190+ fps. No promises for the 360Hz.

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Originally posted by MrPigcho

Hi Samy, i watched your video with wisethug and it gave such great insights into latency, matchmaking, etc. This one was a bit more technical, do you plan to do an english video similar to the wisethug one that can give insights to the community?

For that you need someone asking question and willing to do a video. I am always open as long as it is in good spirit. I am French so I know better the French twitch/youtube ecosystem.

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Originally posted by bigpantsshoe

I have a few questions on matchmaking purely out of curiosity.

First, does going solo/no fill have any impact on your mmr whether that be lowering it for having no teamates or dampening/magnifying changes for future matches based on performance?

Second, does it take into account only your performance at the end of the match (kills, damage, placement), or does it consider the skill level of your opponents as well (and if so is would it be the average mmr of the lobby or the actual specific players you killed/were killed by). Or does it go even deeper than that and account for things like input frequency, accuracy, dps, etc.

I ask because I remember reading something years ago about a system that Riot games has to help detect smurfs as early as the tutorial by basically assessing if the player doing the tutorial behaved like an experienced player or not which I thought that was super interesting, and seems to me like a decent enough heuristic to measure skill in a game with as many variables as a BR. I just always wonder if other games have systems like that and how sophisticated they are.

As an example say a player hot drops, does like 900 damage in the first fight on drop but cant finish anyone off, runs out of ammo/heals and dies really early on but mechanically played very well. Would that be treated as better or worse than if they got a few kills and made it later into the game?

NoFill does not change the way we compute mmr. The reason for that is simple, we do not want nofill player to try to game the system (it is super edge case).

For the rest of your questions I cannot sadly answer, it is part of the secret sauce that makes the matchmaking works (it is easy to conceptualize something like you described, but harder to tune and make it "stick").

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Originally posted by MrPigcho

u/ricklesauceur thank you for your openness in the video and on this thread! I have a question about a topic that is rarely mentioned but in my opinion is the most frustrating matchmaking experience there can be: when games start without a third (pretty common) or even without two players (quite rare).

What causes this? I have noticed that if I soloQ I get a trio most of the time, but if I queue with a friend it is very common not to get a third (perhaps that explains why duos have a lower winrate?).

I'm one of the few players who has 0 issues about being matched against much better players or with much worse players than me. But being put in a duo completely changes the way the game is played and is just not a good experience. I would happily wait longer for it to never happen. Multiply this sejtiment times 10 in arenas.

Completely understood, it is a terrible bug. One of the issue is that you may notice in a bunch of game, there is a confirmation pop-up before getting into a game. It is mostly to solve this issue (someone that started matchmaking and bailed). We do not have that and for a simple reason. It is hard to be sure 10 people will join a game of a classic round based FPS, it is incredibly even harder for 60 players. So our take is to start the match as soon as possible to limit the amount of time someone could bail. Some game load you into game, waiting for teams to be filled to even reduce this, but we clearly did not chose to do it.

I have some stats around incomplete matches, the number is clearly not where I want it to be and we will work on it.

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Originally posted by bigpantsshoe

Wow thanks for the quick reply, I was expecting to wait until morning at least aha.

That makes sense, and completely understandable on the 2nd question, I had a feeling you couldn't reveal too much there.

I actually have one last question if you don't mind: are trios and duos mmr separate? I rarely play the mode but players never act how I expect them to when I do, so I always wonder how much of that is down to matchmaking, different playerbases, communication, etc.

MMR are the same but keep in mind Trios have more chance to play againt other Trios so it tends to evolve differently compared to duos. We have some goodies as said in the video in stock to take into account groups a bit more aggressively.

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Originally posted by SandwichKnown9050


  1. any updates on asian_hideouts( anti cheat squad for aisa)
  2. much of the match making problems can be solved if we have proper training ground.

i am a relatively new player.i downloaded a game called apex aim trainer .it tries to imitate apex movement & gun-play, for training purpose only. half an hour on it made me much better player than two weeks on battle royal. when players have better understanding of movement & recoil ,also confidence of knowing they know the basic , complaints about matchmaking will decrease.


  1. Soon
  2. You are right, on-boarding new players is very important, we speak a bit about it in the video
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Originally posted by JoyRoadExitNine

Any opinion on consoles competing in ALGS without a 120fps or MNK option?

Good luck!

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Originally posted by Protryt

Hello u/ricklesauceur. Could you tell us if you (or Respawn) are aware of the sluttering issue that started to happen from the time Nvidia Reflex was introduced to Apex? Sluttering issue I have in mind (for PC players) is that in every match I got this multiple one or two second FPS drops even though my PC seems to be quite good for Apex. I experience these issues on two different PCs: 1) Ryzen 5900X, RTX 2080Ti, 32GB ram 3800MHz, fast NVME drive (with 800GB free space), 2) Ryzen 3900X, GTX 1080, 16GB ram 3600MHz, 512GB SSD drive (350GB free space). I am aware of the 190FPS bug so I use Riva Tuner to limit my FPS to 180FPS on 240Hz screen, and 130FPS on 144Hz screen. I always tune settings in Nvidia Control Panel to get as much FPS as possible and the lowest possible input lag. I even played Apex on a fresh Windows 10 installation without any tuning and the issue persists. Would it be helpful to provide a video proof?

I am sorry if the question should not be directed to you but I currently feel lost as to the cause of these slutterings.

Thanks if you can answer the question and no worries if you can't :)

Not my wheelhouse sorry!

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Originally posted by Bxsnia

Hi u/ricklesauceur I'm not sure if you're still answering questions but I'm so fascinated by the matchmaking and I have some questions that came to mind while watching. If you can't answer you can ignore it.

Regarding ranked matchmaking - Do you match a solo queue player differently than a duo or trio stack? Is this reflected on what teammates they have? For example, a high skill solo smurf more likely to be matched with other higher performing players or are they more likely to be matched with worse players to make it more balanced for them?

Can there be multiple different skill averages per rank? (very high skill platinum game compared to rest of plat bracket, low skilled diamond game compared to the rest of diamond bracket)

Regarding pubs - you implied that the matchmaking currently puts you at the highest party members sbmm, correct? If the lower skill player performs better than them temporarily in the game (higher kills and damage) does the sbmm increase even higher?

It's often frowned upon when very high skill (masters/pred) players triple stack pubs, as it seems from my experience watching these streams, that the enemy players are not even slightly on their skill level. Now realistically you don't want pred lobbies in pubs obviously, but ideally higher than average lobbies would make sense. I've seen a pro player in a triple stack fight an entire team on his own, mocking them and running in circles around them not getting shot, while they attempt to revive infront of him. The point is these players clearly are new to the game or very low skill, so it doesn't make sense why they're in this lobby.

Do you increase sbmm in pubs if there's a party of two good players vs 1 good player? For example two diamond-tier (or 1.5~kd) players will be in a higher skill lobby than a solo diamond-tier player.

Finally, if you can answer what is the lead statistic in determining pub sbmm? Damage, kills, KD ratio? Do you weigh them separately, for instance a higher damage player with less kills because his teammate shot them when they were low and took the kill.

Thank you!

Cannot tell you the nitty gritty of the secret sauce. Overall we try to match people close to each other in skills. Of course there are concessions, based on the wait time we would expand those skill parameters. Pubs is not ranked, it is very hard to find high level players in pubs.

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Originally posted by shruicanewastaken

Hey, i played a few matches of arenas today (around 15) and i think the issue still exists (or maybe the update didn't roll out yet on my server? - playing on Frankfurt2).
It's not as bad as it used to be but some matches still feel very unbalanced - I'm not loosing because of too many individual mistakes or bad aim, but because the enemy team consisted of much mroe experienced players than my teammates. I was able to beat them once in a 1v3, but unfortunately they adapted and didn't give me any more opportunities to clutch up. I uploaded a screenshot of one of these matches (included the server ID in the last screenshot - i think you wrote in the Network Blogpost that this ID can help identifying issues).

The damage difference alone tells you a lot how this match played out ;)


The matchmaking feels better than a few weeks ago, but 2 or 3 out of 10 matches still feel extremely unbalanced. I don't mind it if this would be the case in 1/20 or 2/20 (something like that) because sometimes it's fun carrying a team. But at the moment I think the matchmaking could probably be further improved regarding that issue.

Thanks for being on this subreddit and communicating so open, a lot of people (including myself) really appreciate this. Hope I could maybe help you out solving the issue :)

Even if it is not communicated, there are actually placement matches. When someone new join, we try to assess their skill. My guess is that you are in the middle of the average population so you get a lot of those. We have a plan to reduce this.

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Originally posted by JoyRoadExitNine

I can’t tell if this is sarcasm but do you have an update on the situation?

What's the situation?

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Originally posted by prkz

Just wanted for you to know that there's something terribly wrong with ranked MM in both arena and battle royale after recent patch.

In arenas i had 2 matches with ppl who did 20-40 dmg in 4 rounds (no badges, some of them were 30 lvl account, some just default gold players) while having known preds/masters in the enemy team.

In battle royale ranked Bronze 4 acc was put against diamonds. It never ever happend before for 2 years i was playing this game.

All matches were played as solo player.

Please look into it, its not only me who giving this kind of feedback, i saw a lot of same info in /r/apexlegends sub.

Should be fixed already

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Originally posted by Kissmangasucksass

Can you shed light on how apexs matchmaking deals with connections currently?

When soloQing pubs and ranked from game to game my ping will fluctuate so much. One game ill be at 40, then the few next games ill be at 110, even 140 some games, then ill get some games in the 50s and 70s. Is this problem somehow on my end?

We do not. You certainly have bad peering to one of the datacenter in your region.