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Hey there,


I'm afraid we cannot assist with account bans on the forums, though we can certainly get you pointed in the direction of those who can.


As these are public boards, we are unable to discuss or change any account details here. If you believe a ban was placed on the account incorrectly, please create an appeal here and our Terms of Service team will be able to review that situation for you.


The ToS team will reach out via email once their investigation is complete, so please keep an eye on your email for that to arrive.


If this has happened after you've been away for a while or you have any reason to believe someone else may have gained access to the account, I'd also highly recommend checking through these security steps to make sure your account is secure.

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Happy to hear that @Mzookie!

Thanks for dropping by with the update. Standard smile

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Hi @SadDeathDay,

You should have also received an email detailing the length of the suspension or ban when the action was initially placed on the account.

I would check back through your email, including any spam, junk, or trash folders that may have filtered out replies from the @ea.com domain.

If you're not finding that, please just resume your case to have another advisor take a look at your question again, as we'd not be able to discuss that information here.
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Hey @ColoradoWest37,


If your account has been compromised, you'll need to reach out to our support team directly for assistance recovering the account. We're unable to make any changes here as we cannot discuss or verify account details on a public forum.


Note that you will be able to open a new case even if you don't currently have access to the account, such as if someone changed the registered email address.


I would be sure to go through as many of these security steps as possible before contacting support.


At that point you can open a new case using the steps on the EA Help website to get in touch with our support team.       


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