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Originally posted by Guner: Im not that good of a player but tired of these smurfs is it a ego thing or somthing or they dont wanna lose there ranks or somthing

I think it's the latter. There are players who either don't like the K/D on their main and want to start fresh, or those who don't want to risk losing Elo.

The team has been investigating smurf accounts and the interaction they have with players in various games. How often would to say you come across smurfs in your games? Are they largely absent from text chat, or do you find them conducting in toxic behavior towards other people in the lobby?
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Hey asd, That's definitely not fun. We highlighted some counters for smurfs for the community here[www.ubisoft.com] but I'd definitely like to hear any other ideas that the community might have for countering smurfs.
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If you suspect a player may be playing unfairly you can use the steps detailed at the following link to report them.




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