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Hi @YinYao1105


Thanks for making your post once more and in the language of the board. Thanks also for reaching out to us on Answers HQ. 


Unfortunately, you're through to the forum team on here on Answers HQ. We won't know why your EA account might be banned, sorry. You're looking for the Terms of Service team, they would exclusively help and discuss ban cases. If you believe there's been some sort of mix-up with the application of a ban, they can be reached by filling out the webform (that sends in an appeal to them).


You might be able to get some context in the meantime by taking a look through your emails for a message from them. They aim to send one out when a ban has been added. It may specify the general rule broken, for example: ban applied for cheating/hacking/hate speech/etc. For more on those, this article may help: "Play by the rules in Apex Legends


- EA_Lanna


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