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I’ve seen some confusion about the KP/RP changes to ranked this season, so I hope this clarifies it. Any questions are welcome.

The max RP you can gain is 275 (before the entrance fee is subtracted, so only possible in a bronze lobby), and it can be broken down into two components.

The first component is the kills portion which is capped at 175 (can be achieved in numerous ways). The second component is the placement portion which is capped at 100 (getting 1st place).

You can have as many KP as you want to reach that 175 number, keeping in mind that each KP is worth a different amount depending on the rank of the player killed and your final placement. (Use the chart linked below to do the math, it’ll take some memorization if you want to do it on the fly because you’ll have to memorize all of the ranks of players killed, the number of players killed in each rank, and where you place).

The above is what’s changed from previous seasons, kills are effectively uncapped until you reach 175 points from them. You used to be hard capped at 6 KP (so 60 points + placement modifier points for each kill).

This is the big debate, because technically you can do things such as teaming and rez farming all the way up to the 175 cap for the kills portion of RP. If you don’t think you can win for whatever reason, you can do things such as aping a team to maximize your kill points before dying. The biggest thing is it rewards fragging out and losing much more than it used to, although you still should want to win to get max total RP. I’ll leave other implications and incentives talk to those who want to discuss it.

The second component, placement points, are the same as previous seasons and is just a flat bonus based on where you place. (See chart)


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Maybe, but you have to remember there's plenty of NA preds that play in Sao Paulo were they know they'll fight lower ranked players and intentionally play there for that.