about 1 month ago - EA_Mako - Direct link

Hey @FakeRonaldo_1997,


Sorry to hear this has caused some trouble for you, as I know being able to pick the name you want is absolutely pretty impactful for any gaming account.


While this is not something we'd be able to manually change for you here, I did want to provide some context for why certain names may be blocked.


Electronic Arts is committed to making our games and experiences fun, fair and safe for everyone. We use various tools to achieve this, including tools to filter inappropriate user-generated content in areas like in-game chat and EA Account, player and team names. 


We want to be very thoughtful and consider several things in our filter rules including:

  • the types of content players report to us most, 
  • historically hateful concepts, 
  • trending offensive terms,
  • game rating,
  • and names that may not be eligible due to agreements.

Check out the EA Positive Play Charter to see what kinds of content you can use to keep things positive.


Unfortunately, because of the disruptive behavior of a few members in our gaming community who use certain words or names to harass other players or to glorify offensive conduct, our filter prevents anyone from using those words or names. 


We think it's best to proactively eliminate any potential harm or disruption these terms can cause for players of all backgrounds. 


And sometimes our filter makes mistakes when a word or name is similar to an offensive term. If that is the case, we’ll fix it as soon as we can. With monitoring and reports from players, we aim to balance things so that players can speak freely in chat, be creative in their names, and still remove the most disruptive content.