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Hey @RaginKavu,


From what you mentioned here, it definitely sounds like someone else may have gained access to the account.


I do see you've added an authenticator and reset passwords, which is great. I'd also recommend going through these steps to help make sure your computer and account are secure.


We're not able to address this directly on the forums, but I would reach out to an advisor after re-securing the account and they'll be able to look into this further.


You can find more information on how to reach them over at the EA Help website. If you prefer you can also speak with them over Twitter or Facebook instead.


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Hey @RaginKavu,

If you're not seeing a separate window pop up for that chat, I'd definitely recommend checking any ad-block or pop-up settings in place in your browser or any antivirus programs you may be running.

It may also be worth trying to launch that in a different browser or using incognito mode if you've not already tried that. Mako.png
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Completely understandable and I appreciate that you're trying to take precautions @RaginKavu.


Our Terms of Service (TOS) team is in charge of any account actions, so in the event your account is banned, you would need to reach out to them to have that reviewed. That's not something we're able to pre-emptively block, though if you've already taken steps to re-secure the account that should certainly help.


If that becomes necessary there is a webform you can use as well, so that may have better luck if you're not seeing a live chat pop-up appear.



The only other suggestion I have aside from that would be to try opening a chat from a completely different network, such as using a phone browser if you have an available data plan, rather than using potential wi-fi that would keep you on the same network you've been trying via PC.

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@RaginKavu That is great news!


I know restorations for in-game Apex purchases can be a bit limited even in these situations, but I'm glad to hear you were able to get that ban overturned.


Thanks for dropping by for the update and have fun in-game!


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