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I think people are sleeping on Rampart a bit at the moment. Your game sense and mechanics coupled with her kit is niiicccee

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Noooo way! After 2 years my goal of getting a dev comment on a post is complete! :D

And thanks, the challenge of using a defensive character offensively to surprise people has been so fun for me. I have a notepad of like 30+ Rampart techs that I've been learning and I just added one yesterday. It's awesome and I can't wait to see what's in store for her.

It's no secret among my friends I dislike LMGs which puts me in blasphemous territory as a Rampart main LOL Having a weapon-locked passive is rough!

Now I'd be doing my fellow Ramparts a disservice if I didn't mention there's been a weird delay added in her abilities since the last patch! Like ~1s delay to being able to place Sheila and some weird animation stuff with walls. Also grenades/arcs do seemingly random amounts of damage to her walls. I can't consistently block grenades with a wall placement anymore. This is all since last patch and I just wanted to throw it out there in case it hasn't been noticed yet! Thanks for the hard work, Apex is my favorite game and I've made tons of awesome friends because of it ❤️

You’re positive that stuff only started happening last patch? Any clips of you reproducing the bugginess would be appreciated