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Latest Patch NotesApex Legends – Fight or Fright Collection Event (16 days ago)

07 Oct

From October 15 to November 5 we will be running our next limited-time event for Apex Legends, Fight or Fright. This haunting event is packed with exciting content including an all-new limited-time mode featuring Kings Canyon at night, exclusive event challenges where you can earn free loot, special Halloween inspired Collection Event cosmetics, and more.  To tell you more about the event we have Lee Horn, Director of Product Management for Apex Legends, to fill you in on all the spooky details.

Hey All,

Leeeeeee-RSPN here with an overview on the Apex Legends Fight or Fright Collection Event.

As a reminder, ...

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19 Sep

Hey everyone! Apex Legends™ Ranked mode designers here and we’re back to talk about Ranked Leagues Series 2 for Apex Legends. We’ll revisit our goals, talk about some results, and detail how Ranked Leagues will work when Series 2 launches with Season 3.

  • Ranked League Series 1 scoring system worked well, we’re making a few improvements.
  • Ranked matchmaking created really intense games, we’ll continue to improve it.
  • A soft reset of your rank is coming, along with some ranked cosmetic rewards.

We want to quickly review our four goals for Ranked and comment a bit on some of the Series 1 results so far. Keep in mind that we’re trying to improve the systems with each update, and some outcomes will take longer to tune than others.


  • Create a true measure of skill in Apex Legends. We launched Ranked Leagues with a score-based system rather than a hidden ELO-type system. So far, we’re plea...
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03 Sep


Read the full breakdown of the themed Voidwalker Event here. TL;DR and patch notes below:


A mysterious research site has been unearthed in Kings Canyon that was used as part of Project: Wraith, including a functioning prototype portal.



Complete a variety of challenges to earn exclusive skins and Wr...

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01 Aug

As Season 2 heats up, we’re making tweaks and quality of life updates to keep the Games rolling. Community Manager Jay Frechette (Jayfresh_Respawn) took to the Apex Legends subreddit to discuss some new changes with the community. Check out all the details in his own words below, or head over to the official Reddit post and jump into the conversation.

We also launched a new dev tracker! Check it out ...

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16 Jul

Hello friends,

Client patch starting to roll out all platforms this morning and you'll need to download and update your client. Below are the issues addressed:

  • Fixed issue where Lifeline’s D.O.C.'s Shock Finisher preview video not playing when viewed from the menu.
  • Fixed issue with text overflow on the stats page.
  • Fixed some cases of crashes related to game logic, client, and script errors.
  • Fixed cases of players being set in non-optimal data centers.
  • Season 1 stats have been temporarily removed as we work on some issues with it.
  • Fixed bug where players would unlock the level 94 Battle Pass reward before they should [Octane’s loading screen].
  • Fixed exploit where the HAVOC could fire full auto without charging up.
  • Fixed some cases of the Care Package clipping through map geometry.


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02 Jul


Happy Season 2 Day! The update is now starting to roll out on all platforms. It's a big one so go ahead and get it started and while you're waiting, below is breakdown of what comes with the Season 2 Battle Pass. If you're all caught up you can skip down to the Patch Notes section to read through all the changes including balancing for Legends and Weapons, new hopups, lots of bug fixes and quality of life improvements and...a stats page!

Let's get to it:


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20 Jun

This week, the Respawn team released a new PC client patch. Community Manager Jay Frechette (Jayfresh_Respawn) took to the Apex Legends subreddit to discuss the changes with the community. Check out all the details in his own words below, or head over to the official Reddit post and jump into the conversation.

Hey friends,

We have a client patch for PC only that is going live this morning to address a few issues, detailed below.

  • Data center improvements will make the list easier to understand and use.
    • The list will be sorted by ping by default.
    • The selec...
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04 Jun

Hey all,

Lots going on with this patch so bear with the long post. Below is a breakdown of what's available in the Legendary Hunt Event as well as patch notes for a collection of fixes and quality of life additions to Apex. Sorry again for the delay today, everyone and thanks for sticking with us.



Apex Elite QueueJune 4 – July 2

Make it to the Top 5 in any match, and earn your way into a select queue full of Top 5 winners. Then prove you’re the best of the best by taking them all down!

  • The queue is optional. You can choose to play in the regular playlist at any time.
  • The Ring closes faster and...
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17 May

Hey all, we have a patch scheduled to go live early next week. We’ll do a follow up post when we’ve confirmed it’s available for download on all platforms and in the meantime, below are the patch notes with some dev context:


One of our biggest issues to tackle was improving the audio performance to address issues reported of sounds dropping out, sounds missing for extended time, or distortion for a period of time. We have made improvements both in our code and with our content that will hopefully fix these issues for many players, and for others, at least lower the amount and length of time they encounter audio issues.

We have also addressed some of the other mix issues with the game, including increasing the volume of close proximity enemy footsteps and lowering the overall volume of the game from the character select screen to the end of the drop sequence. We will continue to monitor mix issues and address t...

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16 Apr

Before we get to the notes, we know there are some ongoing issues that have been frustrating you folks that didn’t make it into this patch. We are actively working on many improvements and we’re aware of the reports around audio issues, slow mo servers, hit registration, and more. I’ll provide more info when I can but know that we hear you folks and working hard to address this stuff. For 1.1.1 we’re introducing some balance adjustments for Legends and weapons, check out designer notes and info below:

Hey All,

Leeeeeee-RSPN here with RespawnSean, Jayfresh_Respawn & Scriptacus to give a quick update on live balance for Legends and weapons.



At the start of S...

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03 Apr

1.1 Patch Notes

7 months ago - /u/Jayfresh_Respawn on Reddit - Thread - Direct


The 1.1 Patch is rolling out as of 10:00am PST today and you will need to update the client to download.


  • Added the ability to party up with the last squad you played with. After the match you will see buttons in the lobby that display the last two people you played with and can invite them to your squad.

When you head back to the lobby after a match you will see two new buttons that show you the players in your last squad with the option to invite them for another match!

You can choose to allow invites or opt out in the Friends menu.

  • Additional behind-the-scenes improv...
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29 Mar

It’s fascinating and terrifying to see the Legends in action, whether it’s during incredible plays or in the middle of an amazing action shot. Check out our favorite fanart of the week below and get a look at how our community shows off the Legends’ good sides.

Check out some of our favorite fanart for the week below, and tag us with all of your art on Facebook, ...

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22 Mar

Our Season 1 Fanart Challenge is underway, and we love what the community has created so far! Since Octane just made his high-speed debut into the Apex Games this season, we want to show him some extra love. Turns out, you guys make art almost as fast as he runs. Check out some of our favorite pieces of Octane fanart below, and tag us with all of your art...

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19 Mar


Happy Season 1 Day! The update is scheduled to go live at 10:00am PST on all platforms that you will need to download. Patch notes are below. I do by best to account for everything but there may be cases where I miss something. It's not intentional to omit anything from the patch notes. Enjoy!



  • Added Battle Pass tab to Lobby.
  • Cost: 950 Apex Coins
  • Earn over 100 unique items throughout the season – everything you snag before the season is over is yours to keep.
    • Updated dashboard images for Season 1 on PC and Xbox [PS4 is on the way!]
    • Updated Main Menu with new Season 1 art.
    • Updated the Lobby visuals for Season 1.
    • Updated Apex Legends site FAQ with info on Battle Pass.


  • Get the Battle Pass, plus unlock your...
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15 Mar

Whether our players are pulling off creative plays or flexing those muscles to make amazing art, we want the world to see their work! Check out our favorite pieces of fanart from this week, and tag us with your art on Facebook, Twitter, and ...

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01 Mar

There’s a story waiting to happen every time you drop into the Apex Arena. We’ve already seen some incredible moments from our community, and they’re too good not to share.

We’re going to be giving regular shout-outs to our favorite plays and the awesome folks who pulled them off. Whether it’s a clever kill, a white-knuckled save, or the perfect teamplay, we want to see what you’re made of. Check out our picks below, and tag us with your best plays on Facebook, ...

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19 Feb

Patch is live on ALL PLATFORMS. Here's the notes:

  • Fixes for PS4 crash issues.
    • Addresses issues we saw with GPU hangs.
    • Fixed crash when pressing button early in load process.
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes move slowly after revive.
  • Fixed issue with Mirage Ability causing crashes.
  • Fixed issue with Gibraltar Epic skins on Xbox One causing crashes
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15 Feb

We're aware of connection issues right now and investigating. We'll keep you updated here.

2:50pm PST: We've identified issues with players unable to log in / connect. Investigating.

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My friends,

12:34pm PST: We have heard the reports and it appears that matchmaking is taking longer than it should and affecting all platforms. We are actively looking into it and I'll provide any updates to this post.

12:38pm PST: We've addressed the issue and seeing improvement. This may take time for some folks as things recover so give it a little time if you don't immediately get back in.

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