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26 May

Follow the trail to glory with the Pathfinder Edition. It’s locked and loaded with everything you’ll want for your next expedition. Whatever dangers the journey ahead holds, you’ll meet them head on with a super cool bandana, back-in-fashion camo shorts, and a can-do attitude. Check out the full list below and meet danger with a smile!

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This is all I see

/u/RSPN_Jeremy on Reddit - Thread - Direct

thats a mighty compliment, that puffer is cute as can be <3


25 May

24 May

23 May

How does the Apex Tracker work?

Trello on Trello - Thread - Direct

about Our goal with the dev tracker is provide players with more visibility into some of the bigger community issues that we’ve seen reported and working on. Note that this board doesn’t account for ALL the things we’re tracking.

We’ll be updating the cards here at least once a week and will include a link to the board when we do dev updates.

Also be sure to be tracking us on twitter @playapex

Official forums can be found here - https://answers.ea.com/t5/Apex-Legends/ct-p/apex-legends-en

Red - Bloodhound & Loba

/u/Re-BadMofo on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Aeverelle

Hey! I recently did my first Apex fanart with Wraith sipping her appletini, but I guess I'm on a bit of a craze, so have another one.

That said, I got told off a little for not plugging myself enough last time so uh, I guess you can follow me on Twitter, if you like!

This one's inspired by Tom Casiello's tweets on how Bloodhound and Loba are kind of on the same wavelength, and I kind of have a soft spot for odd and unusual friendships, so hey.

They're not checking out Loba's bazonkas, I swear.


Hi guys, this looks to be a game-side issue for now, and we'll need to wait for a studio-side update on this.


Bug with Loba

EA_David on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hi, thanks for the post. 

It sounds like what's happening here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmDEhLf7Jh4

Presumably, the teleport moves the character(s) at Loba's location at the time of teleport, and a punch moves you "into" that location.

Empty Supply Bin outside of Artillery

EA_David on Forums - Thread - Direct

The worst part is that I forget and open it every time. 

Anyway, this is indeed known and it'll be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Empty Supply Bin outside of Artillery

EA_David on Forums - Thread - Direct

Yep, I've seen the bad bin referenced a few times. I'm pretty sure it's been tracked for a fix but I'll chase up and make sure.

This is my favorite meme of 2020 (so far)

Free Talk Friday | May 22 2020

/u/AmusedApricot on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by christuhfurr

And how are you feeling today?

My aim is very poor today, but it was good yesterday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Free Talk Friday | May 22 2020

/u/AmusedApricot on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by miathan52

Wow, I think this is the first evidence I ever see of Respawn people being in the daily thread. I hope you haven't always been reading them, because if so, it must have been hard to hold on to your sanity :D

I read them from time to time! It is indeed tough sometimes, but it's all good :)

22 May

Got it, thanks!


Do you have Apex Legends installed on the same drive as Windows and Origin, or are they on different storage drives? If they're on separate drives, would it be possible to move them so they're on the same drive to see if that makes any difference? 


I've seen cases where having them installed on separate drives can lead to some weird issues, so I'm wondering if that might be what's happening here as well. 




Free Talk Friday | May 22 2020

/u/AmusedApricot on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by nsamios_

hello guys, just was wondering, does anyone else have like bad days, no matter what game they play? 2 days ago i was doing fairly well in apex and bf1 and then yesterday it was like i was playing for the very first time again and i couldn’t aim for shit

Don't sweat it, it happens to everyone! Some days you're feelin it some days you aren't. All good!



Nice! Thanks for letting me know it helped. I'm glad to hear it's back to normal for you now! 




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Hi @redthunder1321


Repairing the game in Origin should help with that. If you right-click on Apex Legends in the Origin library you'll see the Repair option when the menu comes up. 


That should take care of the black textures you've been seeing. 




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Thanks for giving it a shot. 


Clearing the Origin cache can also help with issues like this, but it sounds like that didn't do the trick in this case. I'm wondering if there might be an issue with the game syncing up with the servers. Can you try running through some connection troubleshooting for me to see if that has any effect at all? 


If it still happens after that check out the ...

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You're getting the same "couldn't initialize sound" error on Xbox One? 




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