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29 Nov


Originally posted by hdadeathly

Has there ever been thought into a dedicated comp version of the game with differences from the main game? We’ve seen some differences like heat shields being banned, but I always wondered if this idea has been expended upon and what the pros and cons are.

If something's problematic at the comp level, it's probably only a matter of time before it rears its head in some way down the chain in Ranked. We want to preserve parity between comp and the main game so that spectators don't feel a disconnect: "This could be YOU one day."


Originally posted by SvelterMicrobe17

I’ve been curious on your thoughts around balancing of assault legends specifically. Currently as it stands from a comp and ranked POV, there are really only two legends from the class that are viable: Bangalore and Fuse. Personally, I think this has a lot to do with the fact they have two tactical charges while the other three don’t.

Bangalore has the ability to break line of sight (tactical) and force disengagement and movement off of high ground (ultimate), and Fuse has the ability to force movement and farm evo damage from a safe distance (whole kit for both applications). A big part of what allows the legends to do this so effectively is the fact they both have two tactical charges that come back quickly: it allows for constant pressure. And the tactical of both of these legends are their strongpoints because of this.

Ash, Maggie and Ballistic are simply not competitive in these regards (which is what I feel the main focus of the whole class is: to force enemie...

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Great question. We don’t have a steadfast rule around which abilities get two charges. It’s easy to turn on as a balancing tool, but two charges have big, potentially scary consequences. However, I do think we have a history of being overly cautious when shipping new Legends with tacticals that have potential to be “aggressively imposing” in good players’ hands.

It’s preferable for players to feel like they got outplayed by their opponent, not that they simply died to a tactical. Tacticals that restrict the ability to fight back or inflict damage on a low cooldown are much more viscerally connected to the latter. (“Where’s the skill expression in Knuckle Clustering a rock?” or “I couldn’t move/shoot/use my abilities!”) A lot of Assault abilities creep towards this slippery slope. If we’re doubling the cadence at which you can use those abilities, sure, it’ll add power and open up a bunch of new gameplay opportunities, but at what cost?

Similar to the response from ...

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Originally posted by Derkster_

As the game evolves, we have seen the comp legend meta shift such as the Gibby caustic meta to seer meta. Whenever a legend meta establishes itself and becomes overly prominent that teams that don't follow the meta are at a disadvantage, will there be other ways in the future to incentivise legend variety outside of direct legend nerfs/buffs? such as the legend class rework from s16.

Yes. I think it's short-sighted and naive not to think about how we can affect the meta with system-level changes to breath new life into the ever-growing cast of Legends. We've learned a lot from the Legend Class Rework!


Originally posted by NoxEnjoyer

Are there some legends you thought would’ve been heavily used in the competitive scene but never caught on?


During development we were extremely concerned over the power of her tactical. Seems like a joke, right? But for a long time it was very potent and internal feedback on it's power was loud. Even after reeling it back to what we eventually launched with, a well coordinated team could snag an enemy and reign inescapable grenades on them securing a kill more consistently than a Horizon ult combo. With the power to follow-up and chase with her Ult, the offensive team potential, and the map knowledge from her passive - she seemed poised for a strong foothold in the meta for edge play, but there were cumbersome elements to each of her abilities that bogged her down and never let her fully excel or play as reactive as you need to be in the high level. And once Valk arrived with superior macro-rotation and beacon scan, there was no real place for her on the squad. Tac changes have helped, not sure if it's quite there, and the ult is still unreliable though.


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28 Nov


How much do you guys like JIRA tickets

27 Nov

24 Nov


Hello @valmirademi,


unfortunately, at the current moment, there are no plans for the game to return. If this changes at any point, we will let the player base know.

Bitte schickt mir keine Direktnachrichten für Support - taggt mich im Forum @EA_Pythia

23 Nov


That's great to hear, @RodgerDodger97 Thanks for the confirmation. 


The team is continuously working on this for the remaining players. Hang in there a little longer and check your account from time to time @keimize 😉



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Originally posted by Stillcouldbeworse

I'm a little disappointed that what we had previously was the storm, since I always thought the clouds were foreshadowing a proper storm on the horizon

is it a possibility that proper weather effects (rain, thunder) aside from a skybox could appear in storm point one day? do you think they'd have too much of an influence on gameplay to be viable in a pubs map?

In the past we've explored the possibility of weather features like dense fog and falling snow. The biggest challenge is to introduce an element like this that performs well across ALL possible consoles and PC specs and gives a consistent player experience so that there isn't a competitive disadvantage. Adding ambient details in the forms of falling leaves, snow, rain, etc. adds a lot to the believability of a world, but can heavily impact gameplay in a negative way. We see how changing our time of day can sometimes alienate our players...so weather is an element we are even more cautious about.

22 Nov


Originally posted by Kadensocktoe

'Giant Purple New Antilla Flower'.

Not really unique but they're giant, purple, and come from the New Antilla Archipelago.

Or the 'Purple Shark Flower'.

Just a name I like.

Edit: Curious as to what you'd name it 👀

Naming things is one of the least favorite things to do in all of game dev.:)


Originally posted by _stream_line_

Storm Point was a bit of a dissapointment to me in the beginning but has grown on me and especially after the latest update - it's great. What were the lessons you learned from making that map and subsequent updates?

Glad you're enjoying the new Storm Point! When the map launched, it was clearly more preferred by Ranked and Pros vs the more casual audience. When we did the first update and introduced the Downed Beast and IMC Armories it felt more like a nudge than a shift. The first update came 2 seasons after the map launched, so it felt too soon to really get enough feedback and analysis given our dev time from launch to that first update. With the second update, we gave ourselves more time and made a concerted effort to make major changes in an effort to hit our goal of balancing Ranked vs Pub enjoyment. Our biggest takeway is that we need to give ourselves time to dissect feedback, thoroughly test and prove out our design goals and make impactful changes


Originally posted by ExoticEmploy1

I know it’s not directly what you asked, but what are your future plans for storm point, or do you have any already in mind? I feel the map, at the moment, feels the best it ever has to be honest!

Thanks for the feedback! In an ideal world, our map updates knock it out of the park, hit all our design goals and are well received and balanced. IF we find there are further things to be done, then we can start to plan a future update. As of right now, there are no plans to do another update on Storm Point. If that day comes, we'll start to think about what those changes can be and what the story is that we can tell. Some other maps DO have story arcs we'd like to do through multiple updates, but unless there's a design need, we don't want to do change for the sake of change.


Originally posted by Kadensocktoe

Is there a name for the giant purple flowers seen around the map?

None that I'm aware of. What would you call them?


Originally posted by Local_Bug_262

Great fan of new pois added and changes made to the map. The only thing that i don't like is the lighting in new storm point. The map looks amazing don't get me wrong but a lot of the places in storm point are too dark. Can we expect any changes regarding this in the future?

I touched a bit on this in my prior answer to a similar question here https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/180tcus/comment/kad02qy/?utm\_source=reddit&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3

Balancing visibility across large maps is not an easy task. We focus on the main POIs and golden routes first, but there are some secondary or tertiary areas that sometimes don't get the same amount of attention due to time and scope. You can expect tweaks here and there, but we won't do another big swing of a lighting or skybox change unless it's a potential future map update...

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