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Hello everyone,

As known so far we will get multiple servers with different prime time and locations. This is to optimize connectivity and ensure that many of the core system activities are happening in your prime time.

However next to this data there is a feature that i would love to have a few of the servers designated as. As you know, people have mixed feelings about RP in an mmo. Some love it, some hate it. And while rp should persist on every server, I think that it would be nice, if some servers get a RP server tag before you create a character. This will ensure that more like minded players will choose for those That server, and that people who do not like RP, will choose a different one. In the end i think this will improve the experiance for most people.

What do you think about this?
16 days ago - Vaknar - Direct link
Very interesting! I hope that every server naturally has plenty of RP players, if I'm being honest. Thankfully there are already large Ashes of Creation RP communities that are being built up and recruiting. We will have to see what kind of impact those communities have as the game progresses in development. I find the idea of having an RP friendly tag on servers just making it so players know that that server might have more like-minded players very interesting, though!