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Sorry if this has been already posted or is in the works. What would be awesome about crafting in-game is if you can customize your weapons, armour, or furniture. What I mean is that you could implement blueprints/styles into the the game that you could find in the wilderness or in dungeons, or buy off of merchants. For example a blacksmith is making a sword, he could change the blades style, shape, width, length, and color, the guard can be changed or taken off, the handle/gripping can be change into a different shape, material, or style, the pommel can be a cultural symbol, a spike at the end, or you could have it a jewel or something. You could also have it affect the stats too for which materials you are using. It will also improve player interactions for ordering custom gear and give it a unique feeling to the player and game.

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You can check out a bit more on where we've shared our plans for crafted items here, including crafters being able to assign different skills/abilities/stats to gear, as well as having the ability to influence what their items look like!