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Well, there's nearly nothing about this in the forum and nothing at all in the wiki.

There should be diplomany options for:
[*] Node Wars
[*] Guild Wars
[*] Sieges

White Peace: ends the war in an agreement in which the parties do not impose onerous terms on one other.

Surrender: one party requests payment, while the other party has the option to accept and make the payment, ends the war. Payment should be split among the players who scored in the war and a share to the node if it's a node war.

This would also enable PvP players to demand money from non-PvP guilds and nodes who prioritize accumulating wealth, allowing soldiers and players who act as mercenary companies to earn a living through war.

Each action should be voted on by players from both sides, indicating their support. The gold for the action would come from either the node's or the guild's vault. During the voting process, those who voted could contribute gold, and if the vote fails, the gold would be returned to them.
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So, do you think this would only work if it were an integrated system? Or, do you think players could make social and verbal agreements that could accomplish such actions and goals (for the most part)?

I think when there are opportunities to make verbal agreements like this, politics, intrigue, and sabotage become more.. interesting?
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Hello @Vaknar , In EVE Online, we have reputable players who hold the deposit of money, and they only transfer the funds to the other party once it is established that both parties have fulfilled their promises...

I am a lover of player driven content, but there is a catch here, AoC needs a tiny system because it is not possible withdrawing money from the Node.

AoC differs from EVE in that you cannot withdraw the money from the Node and keep it for yourself. In EVE, however, it is possible to take the corporation's money and abscond with it. In fact, scamming is one of the 108 careers suggested by the developers.

I think AoC requires a system for using the Node's money to pay ransoms. To facilitate this, a window should be created where the mayor can allocate funds from the node.. Even citizens and non-citizens should be able to donate money by walking up to the Node's bulletin board, clicking the annoucement and setting how much gold they are willing to donate for the cause. Both parties should be able to run a ramson and finish the war.

Once the required ransom amount is reached, peace should be established, donations should be rolled to the other party. If the required amount is not reached, the funds should be returned to their original sources, being : node, citizens or non-citizens.

Ahh, I see what it is you're suggesting. Thank you for going into further detail! <3

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