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Whats everyone's thoughts on this? Most games have a pre combat sort of tutorial, " think new world with its first few minutes introduction quest ", something that introduces the player to the game, shows some key binds, and different aspects. What if, we start our journey on sanctus, I don't think it would be to much work to build an instanced starter area for just one pre quest, the adventurerer there signs up to the expedition to verra in a lore rich cinematic, followed by some basic combat and gathering introductions as we make our way to the grand portals. There we find huge breathtaking portals one for each biome and the adventurerer can choose which one they want to take and where they want to start. I think this would be a really cool Introduction to the game a tiny backstory of before the journey through the portals, giving the player a glimpse and the lore behind ashes. I don't think something like this would happen but what if :) What do you guys want for a tutorial type quest line or none at all?
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Sanctus has no magic, so any combat training would have to be done on the other side of the portals. Otherwise, I really like this idea.
Very good point!, maybe everyone would have to start with a greatsword lol
Lore implications make the suggestion an interesting one to discuss, not to mention tutorial/starting areas being somewhat contentious! What are some immersive starting experiences that you felt helped you not only get into the game, but helped you learn the basics too? Alternatively, if you don't at all want something like this, why? Have you experienced something else you liked more?