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This kinda applies to all artisans, but I was mainly thinking in terms of crafting, hence the title.

Right now we don't have much info on how our artisan XP will be distributed or how its leveling will be designed or any real in-depth info on artisanry overall. So I had an idea for a certain design.

We know that as of now we're supposed to be able to master 2 professions within an artisan path, so this is in that context:
[*] Artisan progression is semi-lvl-agnostic and is based on points
[*] Player gets 2 points of progress per lvl of artisanry (50 lvls max)
[*] Lvling is %-based.[list=1]
[*] Common item = 1%
[*] Rare = 5%
[*] Epic = 10%
[*] Legendary = 15%
[*] Unique = 20%
[/list] (colors are just for the upcoming example and numbers are obviously subject to change)
[*] Each 10lvls represent a tier of gear
[*] Once you go over a 10-lvl threshold, the previous crafting tier starts to give half the xp (repeated at each 10lvls)
[*] Maxing out a full artisan profession costs 150 points
[*] Changing your point distribution comes at a set art-lvl-based cost
[*] Points can be invested into a higher tier as long as the player have already invested into the previous tier at least once

Here's a visual example of a weaponsmithing profession history of an art-lvl 50 player. Each circle represents points invested into specific dials for crafting. Each new investment within a tier gives the player the ability to craft higher rarity of items (colors show the sequence of dials chosen).

This player decided to level up two professions at the same time, so each one took up 50 points. The player started out by crafting both magical and physical weapons. Then their guild's phys parties managed to boost ahead at around lvl20 and needed a ton of good weapons to keep that pace going, so the player went super deep in that period of time. That boost in farming allowed the guild to farm legendary and unique mats for crafting, which led to the player shooting up through the lvls w/o crafting too much at the higher stages of progress.

At this point the player could respec their build to whatever their guild needs, but the respec will come at a fairly high price because the player is at max lvl.

So my questions is obvious, would you like this kind of system?

I feel like it would give a lot of freedom of choice in specialization, while also limiting the ability to be completely self-sufficient. It also allows newbies, that join the game later, to start crafting high lvl stuff way sooner, if needed. And if there comes a point where more lowbie crafters are needed (hope this is the case) people can quickly respec into lower tiers and make a quick gain.
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It's so cool seeing in-depth ideas with a lot of thought put into them. We love reading through threads like these!