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Dredgehorn (frog), Maelstrom's Crown (jellyfish), and Jaded Drudger (horse jade thing) are all cosmetic mount skins that were limited time cash-shop items.

The Verdant Voyager (Crocodile) is actually supposed to be a caravan skin and not a mount. So the mount might be in-game achievable. Perhaps /u/IntrepidStudios can let us know. Is the Verdant Voyager shown at the stream mislabelled?

Hiya - looks like our crocodilian friend's item name in the video might have been causing some confusion! To clarify, the "Verdant Voyager" is indeed a caravan cosmetic skin - so the appearance will cover both your caravan and attached mounts.

Each creature we share has different possibilities as a mount, pulling a caravan, being a combat creature, and more to build out the world of Verra. This means other takes on our croc bro may help you skitter across the sands along your adventures!