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/u/IntrepidStudios Are you able to provide more details on if there will be restrictions on the lighthouse location and / or how that works with placement regarding the water?

The only reason I ask is because if it's something you can only have in like 10% of locations that seems like a bit of miscommunication. (Also maybe having water in your base is p2w?)

Our design team is currently working to provide details on what type of freehold building each cosmetic would cover - this would include clarification for past, present, and future items!

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You can if you have previously bought a pack that included whatever item type you're wanting.

So you have to buy a bundle once then that opens up what you're wanting to do, unfortunately.

In addition, if you already have a Pre-Order Pack or are a Kickstarter or Summer backer, please be sure to log into your account on the website first - that way you can see the correct items and upgrades available to you.