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1s foreign
9s to our sixth annual extra life event
13s if this is your first time tuning in boy
16s do we have a fun time in store for you
19s there
24s oh no I almost knocked my tower out
27s two one hands up
31s I think we have a clear winner here
35s your second one's not bad
38s yeah yours looks good
44s let's see both those pretty Stevens is
46s good
47s make a play for for why you think yours
50s is the best Stephen go first if you see
52s mine you'll you'll be able to tell that
54s he comes from a long lineage of of
56s snails that were once um hunted for
58s their uh flesh but his his tribe
62s overcame those Hunters they were known
64s as the um Orcs of Barbary Bay and they
68s would hunt them for their snail flesh
71s but they overcame that and they passed
74s their own way in life
76s um and this represents no this
78s represents that journey I think for
81s drawing blind I'm just surprised my
83s shell actually looks like a shell oh
84s that's true it is and I do have a trail
86s may not look like slime but oh it's like
89s little poops those are Pebbles but
91s little Pebbles I'm happy with it it's a
93s little but I do like yours it looks more
95s like that Steven is the picture in this
97s challenge wiggle this is Chubby Bunny
99s one calling Chubby Bunny two Chubby
101s Bunny two Chubby Bunny three stand by
103s Chubby Bunny three Chubby Bunny
104s Chubby Bunny fours reporting it which
108s everybody too is ready Chubby Bunnies
110s online stand by to standby standing by
112s over
113s Chubby Bunny crew online
116s Chubby Bunny three to go
118s chubby bunny
122s chubby bunny
126s chubby bunny
130s chubby bunny
131s go ahead
138s things
141s every morning
169s time
174s like another problem
202s you have to happen
210s bunny
223s food
239s that was good
245s you won three two one go
251s One Beat at a time
252s it is done mine's obscene all right
255s let's count how many beans official bean
258s counter mine's obscene
260s so it's only three three versus nine
265s nine I am the beat Champion bring on the
268s next challenge come forth new Challenger
271s face my awesomeness
274s with concentration on the bullcrap all
278s right three two one go
286s next victim I think you're also looks
289s like Cliff is certainly the player the
291s player on the left I think is at
293s disadvantage
294s yeah because they're facing me
296s sir thank you you have been undefeated
298s thank you thank you for being an
299s exceptional Challenge on my final
301s celebration of Victory the Lord shall
304s now commence okay
306s right during your Transit here to the
310s wreckage of Carfin
312s you observed the rivers
315s as being impassable
320s except of course by Bridge
324s the reason for this
328s is the fires that you saw
332s these magical fires that were
335s encompassing the entirety of the river
341s in addition
345s you saw burn bodies
347s devoured by the Blazing water
352s you also saw
354s as you exited the under Realm
356s some of these bodies
358s moved as dark figures shambling in the
361s distance
363s their burn corpses still moving even
365s beneath the water and crawling ashore
368s with violent intense
372s this you can only assume after having
375s recovered from the lich's body a number
378s of notes detailing
381s what the dean was attempting to
383s accomplish at the tower Laria Lamont
386s one of the most important Mages that the
389s alien Empire had at the time
393s being the headmistress at Carfin
396s she was attempting to cast a spell that
399s would buy time for the capital
401s and you know
404s that in the process of that attempt the
407s letters read that she requires a willing
410s participant
413s someone by the name pulsifer
418s volunteered his Essence to expand
421s in the ritual as a blood sacrifice
426s only the most desperate of Acts
430s that would be undertaken
432s from the last moments of time
435s escaped them and as the legions in the
439s letters detailed walked past the tower
443s Laria Lamont decided to do a desperate
446s Act
447s and listen to advice from an unknown
450s origin
452s that she was able to communicate with
456s taking that risk unfortunately proved
458s faithful
459s fatal as it or well I guess faithful too
463s because what came to be
467s was the despair you see now at Carfin
471s the root of which you have yet to
472s discover however at the entry level
477s you do know this
479s as you walk into the interior of level
482s one move your pieces to the entrance
487s you discover
490s the arcanium
492s the large library with a grand hall
494s running throughout its spiral staircases
497s lead up to floor two
500s this ornate space
503s was devoted to research and magical
506s exhibits
507s however now are which in despair
510s disrepair
512s the walls house alcoves
517s which contain various sizes of statues
523s Stone bookcases pedestals and benches
525s docked the grounds by the way this is
528s all accurate
529s visually as I'm describing
531s to what the actual point of interest in
534s Alpha 2 contains
538s pedestals and benches dot the grounds
542s blood pools along the floor
546s appearing to emanate from the floors
549s above trickling down the Walls along the
553s interior and exterior of the wreckage
558s you see before entering a large
562s explosive and destructive event has
565s occurred near the top of the tower you
568s don't know what and cannot tell from
569s this distance
573s as you navigate into the first level
580s you discover a number of animated
582s statues missing from their alcoves
586s they assault the party
589s as you quickly defeat the animated
591s statues on the first level how much
594s damage seven how much seven points of
596s damage each
598s as you advance further
600s you discover
604s that the second floor known as the
607s administrate
610s as various private offices where Wizards
615s and professors could work on their
618s studies and peace
620s a large Lounge area is on the floor for
624s wizards to have meetings and take breaks
627s the historical archives are magically
629s stored here as well as the paperwork
633s containing a number of topics on all
636s sorts of things such as history of the
638s local area
640s and wizard lease research papers on
642s various topics and studies within the
645s essence
648s there is also the entryway to an Arcane
651s elevator
653s which Rises up through the rest
658s of the levels in the tower
661s it rests at the center of the second
663s level
666s a number of flying Arcane books come out
669s of the
672s bookcases
675s and mimics
677s attack your party in a mix of all sorts
681s from laboratory equipment to study
685s materials the crystal Halls as you ride
688s the Arcane elevator to the third floor
691s you do not exit because you must make
694s haste
695s to the top
697s but you see out from the elevator a
699s collection of viewing galleries
701s remarkably well preserved
705s older construct models and previous
707s foundational magical theories are
709s presented here in a format reminiscent
711s of a museum
716s meant to impress
718s would be magical students patrons
720s foreign dignitaries
722s the advanced crystals architectures
726s and lavish decorations
730s are on display
731s unknown
734s Laria and varric during their ritual
738s in desperation
740s to Grant more time to the capital
743s as was requested by the council and the
747s royal family both
749s they performed an unknown
753s repercussions from this ritual
755s the mass killing
759s of so many
761s burn victims from the explosion of the
764s ritual
765s caused a corruption to grip both Laria
769s and varric
774s this corrupt Mist began flowing down
778s from the tower its source unknown to you
780s just yet
784s but its effects have turned the
786s residents of Carfin
788s Undead
790s and in the surrounding areas and along
793s the rivers Edge
797s it did however have the effect
801s caused the Ancients and inability to
803s cross the waters
806s and so they began to construct
811s an apparatus of Their Own
813s could get their Legions across to the
815s Capitol
816s but this bought the time necessary you
819s was you would assume
822s these levels open up
825s and at the fourth floor
828s you see Halls reserved for only the most
831s private of wizards
835s these Artisans use these Halls as
838s research labs
840s and also
841s a construct boundary
845s built to be deliberately secure and
847s private the winding Halls lead into an
850s open experiment room
853s where Mages would tinker
855s with ways of improving construct through
858s more unethical means
861s a number of them have been left
863s unattended
865s but you are able to sneak around them
869s to reach the Nexus gate this floor
871s contains a large summoning and sacrifice
874s room
876s the Mages here originally used it as a
878s Teleport Nexus but
882s as the world fell into ruin
886s this was transformed into a sacrificial
889s chamber
891s the small quarantine and Customs rooms
894s changed into jailing cells
897s as the Mages over recent weeks turned to
900s more desperate rituals to deal
904s with the collapse of Vera
908s compromising
911s their ethics
913s and their conscience
916s they perform forms of magic
921s none should ever see long forbidden
925s long forgotten
928s only to the ancient students was this
930s known
933s and it turns out the unknown voice from
935s which was aiding and abetting her
937s Pursuits
939s was indeed an ancient one familiar with
942s this world one who treated
946s with a member
948s of your kind in the past
951s known as aatrax
954s you might be a villain
957s the one beyond the void who was giving
959s Laria
960s the information she needed to perform
962s the ritual she did
964s at ulterior motives
968s its effects now seen on the grounds
969s around the tower as Undead Rome the
973s countryside
975s just like to say
977s that I fight this fight in the name of
979s my ancestors who died during the
981s Cretaceous and Jurassic periods
984s and that their memory shall forever
986s endure go
989s they're closed again Brian's they're
991s Sims in for an early strike oh my gosh
994s that's a hit that's a hit
996s that is a hit for sure
1000s Point Sim it is now one zero and go
1006s oh he's looking close okay he's got oh
1010s that's what it is he totally lured him
1012s in and beat him down it is now tied two
1016s to two this is the final moment
1022s go
1024s oh oh oh no and that's it Steve has one
1029s Steve scored the first hit and Steve is
1034s the new Champion
1036s dinosaur lightsaber combat oh look at
1041s them bonding after the experience
1044s first this is amazing completely amazing
1049s and upset that's right he's handing the
1052s sword over and there you go Phantom ball
1057s champion
1062s thank you ladies and gentlemen for
1064s another exciting episode of Dinosaur
1066s lightsaber comeback
1069s cats who are present here today
1072s I want you to note that this hurts me
1074s more than it hurts you okay and that
1077s directly after receiving the pies to the
1080s face and the eggs I will be moving uh
1082s with haste to the shower and then likely
1085s to bed uh so I'll bid you a do here and
1087s now okay it was a wonderful campaign
1093s first question was correct with the
1095s answer
1098s hey Chris Steven
1100s oh Greenhouse greenhouse effect was
1103s correct
1107s who the hell the hell Robbie Roy
1109s well there you go Robbie who is Robbie
1111s Roy
1113s Oh Oh It's Pat okay what is Paco Paco I
1117s feel terrible and you're right Chad I
1119s saw you guys saying some of it it was
1120s Paco Paco and Stephen King ladies and
1122s gentlemen I would like to thank you for
1126s showing up
1128s what happened
1131s I can't see I can't see I want to thank
1135s you all for showing up we had an awesome
1137s time it was a fun campaign you learned a
1140s little bit about the world of Vera
1141s that's going to be in Alpha 2 and the
1143s Tower of carpet and its wreckage and
1145s demise we raised over 73
1148s 000 dollars
1150s an extra life what an awesome awesome
1153s Community showing up
1156s and representing all the goodness that
1160s lives in every Gamer's heart for the
1162s children at Rady's Children's Hospital
1164s we cannot thank you enough for showing
1167s up and being the shining example on a
1169s hill of what a community means to be in
1171s the MMO genre thank you all and we will
1175s see you at the end of this month I hope
1177s you guys have an awesome week and we did
1179s an awesome job bye everybody
1185s foreign