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I know one of the biggest worries is having dead servers post launch, but I'm looking a little past that. Once servers have been established with metropolis nodes, new players will never get to experience developing a server from wilderness to metropolises. Are there any plans in place to periodically open new servers every few years? This would allow an established guild to migrate over and be at the forefront of a new server while allowing people who never experienced the launch to get that experience. Is this something intrepid should look into? Is it too early to tell? Is this a stupid idea? Should it be something thats only done like once after many years like 10?
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Agree with what Nerror said. But also, you'll still be able to build up a node from 0 to 6, it'll just take more work. The world is supposed to be ever-changing and not just on a first come first serve basis. Metropoli will fall sooner or later and some 5lvl node will be able to rise up. And if you play hard and smart enough, you might even be able to raise a lvl1 node to lvl6 through political intrigue and hardcore pvp.

Well said! <3