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After obtaining a beta key to Mortal Online and only gaining access in 2 days of about 20 attempts for less than 2min got me thinking about what improvements they could make to their log in screen and perhaps open discussion for AoC.

For the Log-in screen, if there is likely to be wait times, then perhaps
a) Server status
- online or offline
- current population status
- estimated time until server in next online (not US time)
b) Login
- is queue how long likely wait with countdown and/or number in queue
c) Some capacity to do something while waiting
- review character stats/inv
- review inventory
24 days ago - LieutenantToast - Direct link
Hiya frands! Thank you for sharing your notes here on what you'd like to see on a login screen - providing you that kind of information can definitely be helpful in making sure you have a smoother gameplay experience overall!

Would love for more folks to elaborate on what interesting/off-the-wall ideas you had for OP's suggestion of "something to do while waiting" 🤔 (though I'd say the hope is that you won't have to spend too much time doing that 🤣)