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from a visual side the game looks amazing, the combat needs some work but for the most part appart from being a little to flashy it looks really great and i am really happy with the direction the game is going, the open world looks incredible and even though we may not see a full deep dive dungeon review this month the trailer looks super cool, there are alot of great aspects of the live streams and we appreciate that they are being held monthly, however

and by no means is this meant to be disrespectful or hateful in any way towards intrepid its obvious they are working hard, but i think there are a few questions that need to be addressed, i think it would be more beneficial to get some actual factual information about the development than to see the same zone time and time again, as beautiful as the riverlands are it would be really cool to get some new information about the games development

for example, what is happening with freeholds, we have heard next to nothing about these despite being purchasable in the in game store, will we be able to place any skin anywhere? etc please address this in the upcoming live streams

what is happening with naval content, caravans and nodes above level 3?,

how far into development are the classes we have not seen yet, bard,rogue,summoner etc and further still are the arc types being worked on in the background or will these be worked on after the classes are finished? as there are another 64 classes ish yet to see, hopefully its not a monthly live stream for all of them

what further has been added to the character creator and what is left in development and to design?

what is happening with spot testing, ( i know there will be people that will say its ready when its ready ) however it was stated that spot testing would be starting in several months - several months ago

could we have an in depth live stream on the artisan skills, crafting etc, show us some in game footage instead of screen shots

i understand that the game is in development and as stated this is not suppose to be hateful or a when A2 when release post, i know there will be people in the comments saying this is just another when release forum post however this is not the case, the problem i personally have been following this game for many years now and i feel even with the live streams, as beautiful as they are i leave them knowing almost nothing more than i did the month before, no core mechanics or systems,

there are videos pre alpha 1 on youtube that have the graphics of todays era or an alpha 2 production game wich makes it hard to gauge what i am seeing in the live streams as A1 looked nothing like the videos that were released 4 years prior so its hard to tell when we watch you do play throughs if this is how the game is actually currently looking or not, please dont take this post the wrong way but please start addressing some of the issues and questions that we have been asking for, if there are long delays or time frames to get this content out or it is not yet even started being worked on it is fine as long as its transparent, if not i feel it is a mistake to release the live streams because its almost like a teaser for us hinting A2 could be soon when in reality it could be years away, as i said if it is years away its okay, just please be upfront with the roadmap or atleast tell us where we are in development for some of the core systems, thank you!

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We're just as excited to participate and play in Alpha Two as everyone here. It's challenging at times to remain patient for the game. Open development is bittersweet when you're excited, as some have already pointed out.

We try to show off content as soon as it's ready to be shown off. We know there are some specific systems that players want to learn more about. The teams that work on those systems are hard at work, and we are excited to show off as much as we can, as soon as it's ready!