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Hello all,

I was reading through what we know on a lot of artisan classes and it seems the processing profession is more lacking than the other two so I wondered what all your thoughts were on what potential additional processing classes might be. I may not be aware of some other info that's been released but on the wiki they only have smelting and animal husbandry.

Here are a few ideas I came up with:

Lumber Milling: processing trees into usable lumber and parchment

Butchery/Tanning: processing animals into meat for cooking, hides and leather for crafting and miscellaneous animal-based products such as bowstrings or instrument components

Weaving/Spinning: processing plant fibers into cloth, rope and canvas for sails

What are some ideas y'all have regarding the processing profession?
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Hiya! Sounds like some folks already steered ya in the right direction in this thread; we'll be sharing more details on the specifics of the different artisan classes and what's available as we get closer to having you help us test them!


Perhaps some crafters have ideas, they'd like to share, as Intrepid is keen on "our" concepts and ideas. 😁

You know it! <3 keep sharing those awesome processing ideas!