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07 Jun

    Trello on Trello - Thread - Direct

Working on a kicking system for problematic players.

03 Jun

Originally posted by Mastergenki

Tactical trauma kit and sulfur molotov! I wonder if these will be functionally different from med kits and molotov or if they are just upgraded forms.

They are more in line with legendary weapons than straight stat upgrades.

31 May

28 May

Originally posted by MustGoUp

I can see why you made that change but I will miss the “old way” of building out a deck and card order with purpose. As someone who plays only NM or NH, card order and choice is something I love geeking out about. But you guys have the data, so keep on being great.

Ya, we are toying around with allowing players to choose a deck style, something like ordered, all cards and full random. I think we would give you buffs or extra SPs for choices. Unfortunately, the UI team is always in high demand, so I am not sure when we will be able to do that.

Originally posted by const_Andromeda

why they gotta touch holly what she do..... cmon

Ya, main reason was to get her out of being mainly a melee character and to open her up to more roles. With this change we also adjusted adrenaline fueled to give a little stamina back per kill.

Originally posted by CeramicMasterpiece

If the DLC is as good and as well implemented as the Hives then we're in for a treat.

I think it'll be as good or better, but I am bias. We are adding quite a bit to the game in the next DLC and throughout the rest of this year!

27 May

Originally posted by Trizkit

So does that mean that more card shrines will spawn as well?


Originally posted by Trizkit

I think what he's asking is if you guys can change the weighting on buyable cards to favor cards not within peoples decks. Also it seems like he's asking for them to not repeat but I'm assuming that the system that defines what card shows up is entirely random so not sure how that would be implemented unless you popped them off the que

I am not sure that would work, you might not have the card, but your friend does have it, so who do we favor? We would have to make all players see different cards to get something like that working.

Originally posted by Easy_Breezy23

Did they further nerf Bomb Squad? Can't exactly tell due to quality on mobile, but it looked like they removed the increased explosive damage portion of it. Or maybe the card is scaled down for Recruit difficulty?


Originally posted by sG_Agonize

With this change could you look into the random buyable intel cards(the ones for 500 copper) having way less of a chance of appearing if it's already in someones deck? I feel you can go entire campaigns now not being able to buy any buyable cards now

Mmm, those 2 systems don't really interact with each other. If you already have a specific card, the shrine for that card should still spawn.

Originally posted by BruenorBattlehammer

So we get our decks at the start and then just pick our own burn cards level to level?

Correct, but we also increased the spawn counts for Basic and Random Card shrines, so you still get a power progression while exploring through a map.

Originally posted by MysteryPerker

Are you keeping the old card mechanics of one per level also in place with two different versions of each difficulty or is this completely replacing the old format?

It replaces the old format, we may allow for multiple deck styles in the future, but we didn't want to split match making pools more right now.

Originally posted by chomz147

Not sure I agree necessarily with full-deck on recruit because I think it's going to encourage people to not care about the order of their decks for Vet/Nightmare but who knows.

I'm hoping what this means is all difficulties will be reworked to start with your entire deck. After playing No Hope I think the game plays and feels much better getting your entire deck from the start, then balancing the difficulty around already having your entire deck.

The current selection of one card per-level makes the acts feel harder in the beginning but easier as it goes on which never really made a lot of sense to me.

This was our thoughts exactly. We did some balance work to help balance out having 15 cards. But in general, recruit is easier, Veteran is slightly easier, nightmare is about the same and No Hope is harder.

Originally posted by psychedelicstairway4


I'll never play Holly anyway so I don't really care about her changes, but other characters will look like more of an interesting choice for melee builds.

Not sure I agree necessarily with full-deck on recruit because I think it's going to encourage people to not care about the order of their decks for Vet/Nightmare but who knows.

New burn cards look interesting. Increased accessory spawns, weapon attachment spawns, +1 extra life for entire team, +1 upgrade level for support accessories, whole team starts with max armor.

All difficulties now share the same format as No Hope.

20 May

18 May

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