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28 Jul

This is exactly the opposite of what I was saying when I mentioned not putting this on Reddit.

Honestly, we balanced No Hope around a group of players really coordinating their deck builds, playstyles, being on mics etc... so we were hesitant to open quick play to that experience. It can really be brutal!

When we look into our analytics, Nightmare and No Hope have very similar success rates. It's interesting to consider, because No Hope is objectively more difficult, so it's like obviously match making, right?

Anyways, if you folks want to get thrashed in No Hope, let's friggin do it. I honestly feel like it's too easy.


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10 Jun

I was brainstorming on how to make lucky pennies viable and a little unique and I was wondering if we changed the name to something like Warped Pennies and have it spawn 5 warped copper piles.

07 Jun

Ack! So this was a patch notes error and didn't go live. We shouldn't see any change in frequency for dungeon spawns.

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