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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello everyone!

The Hoist the Sails update is almost here, with performance improvements, changes to submarines, an entirely new in-game tutorial, and more.

Performance update We’re updating Barotrauma’s .NET runtime to a new version to improve overall performance, and we’ve also been working on a number of optimizations to address specific problem areas, such as large numbers of items, talents and physics.

Changes in the shipyard The update comes with many changes to submarines and submarine upgrades:
  • A new early-game Transport submarine, the Camel.
  • Improved submarine upgrades.
  • The Deep Diver class is being removed, and Deep Divers become Scouts. Sub builders can choose a different class for their custom Deep Divers in the Submarine Editor.
  • A submarine tier system to designate how advanced a sub is. Tier is automatically assigned based on a submarine’s price, but it can be adjusted in the Sub Editor.
  • New and bigger guns!
Reworked tutorials To help new players get on board more easily, we’ve reworked the in-game tutorials.
  • A separate basic tutorial to cover movement, inventory, and other fundamentals not related to jobs.
  • More nuanced role tutorials for each job to teach their purpose and responsibilities in more depth.
  • The new role tutorials can be done in any order, so you can focus on the ones you want to learn at any time.
What else is new? There are also many smaller changes and improvements coming. You will be able to…
  • drag and reposition user interfaces for items in-game
  • use devices while sitting in a chair or climbing a ladder
  • go back to the legacy voice / radio chat keybinds if you so choose
  • see what materials an item deconstructs to before breaking it down.
We’ve also addressed lagging upon monsters spawning, which gave away the surprise, and made multiple networking improvements to help with multiplayer stability.

Read more about all of these and more on our blog[barotraumagame.com] and stay tuned for Hoist the Sails coming soon!

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