20 Dec


Hello everyone!

We've just released a few quick fixes to address issues found after the release of the Holiday Update last week. See the changes below and be sure to update your game to the latest version now. We wish you smooth sailing!


- Fixed console errors when firing a Flak Cannon using spreader ammo in multiplayer.
- Fixed non-hitscan projectiles going through doors.
- Fixed electrical discharge coils hitting characters very unreliably, unless the character happens to be right next to a wall.
- Fixed makeshift shelves being containable in crates and cabinets, allowing for infinite recursive storage space.
- Fixed the effects of the "Grid Maintainer" and "Egghead" talents.
- Fixed incorrect "I Am That Guy" description (it gives a flat 20 skill bonus, not 20%).
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14 Dec


Ho ho ho everyone!

The holiday season is almost upon us, and Barotrauma’s Holiday Update 2022 has just been released. Please be sure to update your game to the latest version for…

  • New campaign tutorial to guide new players on their first mission
  • Reworked talent system with 50 new talents and many improvements and additions
  • Many kinds of smaller improvements, like new monster loot, new guns, and more.
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09 Dec


Hello everyone!

The final Barotrauma update of 2022 is arriving next week, with a new campaign tutorial mode, a reworked talent system and lots of smaller fixes and improvements.

Campaign tutorial We’re adding tutorial features integrated into the singleplayer campaign mode. The new campaign tutorial guides new sailors on their first mission with hints, tips and dialogue.

Reworked talents Thank you for all the comments on the talent rework announcement we made a few weeks ago! After further testing and reading all the feedback we got, we’ve made a few adjustments to our plans. Here’s an updated preview of the upcoming talent overhaul:
  • More talents. We’re adding 50 new talents in total.
  • New generic talents for all jobs. You must unlock a few of these generic talents bef...
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25 Nov


Hello everyone!

Another new addition coming in the next update is a new campaign tutorial. It complements the basic and job tutorials we added in the previous update to help new players get the hang of campaign gameplay, mission structure, and the lay of Europa.

  • Guiding new players through starting a campaign. The campaign tutorial places you at a simplified outpost and guides you to gear up and complete your first mission.
  • Tips and hints along the way. The new tutorial makes use of hints to highlight important NPCs, items, and submarine systems that are important for all jobs to understand.
  • Integrated into the singleplayer campaign. The tutorial mode is enabled by default when you launch a singleplayer campaign and can be turned off in the sett...
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24 Nov


It's once again that time of year – the Steam Autumn Sale is in full swing, and Barotrauma participates with a deep discount. The sale period also comes with its annual celebration of video games: The Steam Awards.

That's where you come in. During the Steam Awards nomination period, you can nominate games for awards in various categories. Barotrauma is eligible for the Labor of Love category, intended for games with a long development history.

Our Barotraumatic story spanning soon eight years, with over three years of it in Early Access here on Steam, we are proud to say we develop Barotrauma with all our hearts. If we have also captured yours, you can now nominate us for the Labor of Love award.

Thank you for sharing in our Early Access for another autumn season! Stay tuned for more news about the next update and everything that next year will have in store.

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21 Nov


Hello to Chinese-speaking Barotrauma players!

It has recently come to our attention that typing in-game in Barotrauma has been inconvenient for Chinese versions for an extended time, with the candidate box to suggest Chinese characters not appearing as it should. We're very sorry for the the trouble and have prepared a fix to this issue, to be released in the next update.

While we are still developing the next update, you can already try this fix in the Unstable test version of Barotrauma. This allows you to get the fix early, and we will also work to accommodate your feedback in the public release. It would be very valuable for our development to get feedback from you, as we have no Chinese speakers in our development team, so we encourage all interested players to test the fix now!

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11 Nov


Hello everyone!

For the last update of the year, we are balancing and polishing Barotrauma’s talent system. The talent rework will introduce lots of new talents, and almost all existing talents have been reworked to some extent. We’ve focused on four aspects of the talent system in particular:

Additional talent levels and more talents. We’re adding two levels of more generic talents for each job, and some of these early talents must be unlocked before picking more specialized talents. The overall number of talents increases, too: we’re adding 50 talents in total.

More powerful final talents. As the talent trees get larger and take a longer time to complete, the final talent of each tree must be extra valuable. The new talent trees will offer a powerful boost or item when you unlock the final talent... Read more

20 Oct

    Dynamoon on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
We got the patch out sooner than expected – it's live now. Patchnotes here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/602960/view/3392925264785907034

Hello everyone!

We've just released another small patch to address issues discovered since the launch of the ... Read more

18 Oct

    Dynamoon on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hi! Sorry for the trouble. This is the second similar report we've seen since the update, but unfortunately we've not been able to diagnose the issue based on what players have reported so far. If you're willing to go to a bit of trouble, a screenshot taken at the time when the issue occurs, with the debug console open and performance statistics enabled, could help – press F3 to open the debug console and enter the text "showperf", and then send us a picture of the entire game window. You can send the picture as a link here, or use our issue tracker in https://github.com/Regalis11/Barotrauma/issues and we'll see if the information helps us figure out what's causing this.
    Dynamoon on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hi! We release updates only every couple of months or so, and you should expect the next one roughly mid-December assuming our plans hold. (A faster cycle is impractical for us as localisation and quality assurance take a lot of time!) As we are getting closer to our 1.0 release, the update cycle has been a little less intense and the ratio of fixes & quality-of-life to new content has also shifted, as there is a lot to polish and balance now before we come out of early access. If you want to be among the first to know about upcoming changes, I recommend checking out the ... Read more

06 Oct


Hello everyone!

To follow up on yesterday's Hoist the Sails update, we... Read more
Hello everyone!

We've just released a fix to address problems spotted following yesterday's release: mod downloading issues and some old campaigns becoming blocked by crush depth due to the addition of submarine tiers. We're sorry for the trouble and hope these fixes let you carry on with your old saves as usual!


- Fixed some old campaign saves being impossible to continue due to the new submarine upgrade restricions.
- Fixed "update all mods" button doing nothing in the Workshop menu.
- Fixed inability to create mod lists that include Workshop mods.

05 Oct


Hello everyone!

We’ve just released a new update for Barotrauma. Hoist the Sails brings…
  • Improvements to submarines and upgrades, and a new vanilla sub
  • All-new game tutorials
  • Improved performance and multiplayer stability
  • Many quality of life changes and fixes.
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30 Sep


Hello everyone!

The Hoist the Sails update is almost here, with performance improvements, changes to submarines, an entirely new in-game tutorial, and more.

Performance update We’re updating Barotrauma’s .NET runtime to a new version to improve overall performance, and we’ve also been working on a number of optimizations to address specific problem areas, such as large numbers of items, talents and physics.

Changes in the shipyard The update comes with many changes to submarines and submarine upgrades:
  • A new early-game Transport submarine, the Camel.
  • Improved submarine upgrades.
  • The Deep Diver class is being removed, and Deep Divers become Scouts. Sub builders can choose a different class for their custom Deep Divers in the Submarine Editor.
  • ...
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16 Sep


Hello everyone!

The next update will feature many submarine-related changes and additions, such as guns and upgrades as well as the introduction of submarine tiers, a new system of classifying submarines in terms of how advanced they are. Let’s take a look!

  • New guns! We’re adding two new large turrets: the double coilgun and the flak cannon. These together with the railgun are the new large weapons, which can only be mounted onto the new large hardpoints.
  • The Camel, a new Transport submarine, is being added. The other submarine classes have affordable starter options, and now the Transport class does too.
  • The Deep Diver class of submarines is being removed, and all the submarines in this class will become Scouts instead. Only De...
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02 Sep


Hello everyone!

The next Barotrauma update is coming in early October, and among other things, it will include a big change under the hood: we’re updating our .NET runtime to a new version, and this should yield significant performance gains. Combined with the ongoing optimization work, the .NET runtime update will help to make the game run considerably more smoothly for most players.

GeForce NOW

Another exciting change is bringing Barotrauma to Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform GeForce NOW[www.nvidia.com]. While this will have no impact on those who can run Barotrauma on their syste... Read more
    Dynamoon on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Edit: looks like Kratos beat me to it but I'll leave my list up anyway in case someone else needs the walkthrough for looking things up yourself!

Hi! You can find all these names in your local game files. Locate the game files on your computer and navigate to Content > Texts > Russian, and open that .xml file, e.g. in Notepad or similar. Then ctrl+H to search, and look up every creature by its English name to find the translations used in-game. Or rather, look up just one as in this case they're conveniently listed all in the same place!

Explanation just for future reference; I'll paste a cleaned-up list of the non-human creature names below!

Charybdis: Харибда
Coelanth: Целанф
Crawler: Ползун
Endworm: Червь Рока
Doomworm: Гибельный червь
Fractal Guardian: Фрактальный страж
Husk: Хаск
Mudraptor: Грязевой раптор
Deathraptor: Раптор-убийца
Mantis: Богомол
Moloch: Молох
Moloch Boss: Молох-босс
Tigerthresher: ... Read more

01 Sep

    Dynamoon on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Seems to me OP wanted to avoid hurting anyone's feelings with the video, and it seems everyone so far agrees that that was nothing to worry about. No reason to nitpick beyond that, please enjoy the video and refrain from unnecessary debate about the choice of words!

26 Aug

Hello MacOS players!

We've released a fix to address issues you've been having since the previous hotfix.

v0.18.15.2 (MacOS only)

- Fixed crashes on MacOS 10.13 and 10.14. This seems to have happened because Microsoft quietly dropped support for these versions in .NET Core in late 2021, and we didn't realize until this hotfix when we deployed with a sufficiently new version of the technology.
- Fixed inability to use the voice chat on some MacOS versions, due to the game not having permissions to access the microphone as a result of the aforementioned .NET Core upgrade.