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Hello everyone!

The end of the year is getting closer, and so is our next update. It’s all about the world outside your submarine – from level generation to new environment art, many things are getting more variety and polish. Read a bit more below and check out this blog post[] on our website for more details!

Explore caves: This update adds caves that are too small to fit a submarine into, so you’ll have to go out for a swim to see what awaits inside. They come in many shapes and styles, and we’ll be adding even more in the future!

Navigate more complex maps: Level generation has been improved in many ways, and in the next update, you’ll see branching paths, obstacles that you’ll have to destroy or go around to reach your destination, and multiple possible paths through a level.

Discover new areas: The environment itself has been overhauled and now consists of five areas, or biomes, that are distinct in appearance, environmental hazards and enemies. From the icy Cold Caverns through the temperate Europan Ridge and the mushroom gardens of the Aphotic Plateau, be ready for the crushing depths of the Great Sea and the fiery views of the Hydrothermal Wastes! We’ll see you on the other side.

Related to these new environments, the update will add a couple of new mission types, and there will be new enemies as well. Find out more about those when we release the update – in the first half of December.

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