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Hello everyone!

The New Frontiers update has now been released. Please be sure to update your game to be able to join and host multiplayer games, check this earlier post for a summary of the update and see the full changelog below.

We hope you enjoy this update, our biggest so far, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts about it! We’re going to take some time off soon and may be a little slow to respond to comments in the coming weeks, but we are eager to read what you write.


Improved campaign mode:
- Explorable, procedurally generated outposts.
- Interactable NPCs: things such as hiring, unlocking missions and purchasing supplies are now done by interacting with NPCs instead of just a menu.
- Multi-step, branching scripted events in outposts.
- A reputation system that affects how outposts and factions relate to you and your crew. High reputation can make NPCs give you discounts for supplies or unlock special events and event outcomes, while low reputation may turn outposts hostile towards you.
- Items can now be sold in outposts.
- Persistent bots in multiplayer campaign.
- Bots can be hired in multiplayer campaign.
- New campaign map.
- The end location is now reachable (do note that the ending is still not completely final).
- Submarines can be upgraded: for example, you can increase the durability of the walls and make devices more powerful, less prone to malfunctions or less power-hungry.
- Submarines can be purchased and switched during the campaign.
- Improved end-of-round summary.

Miscellaneous changes and additions:
- Overhauled most structure and item sprites to make the artstyle more consistent.
- Balanced economy (item prices, hiring costs).
- The currency is now called the Europan Mark instead of credits.
- 4 new background music tracks.
- Tons of new decorative items and structures.
- Sittable chairs.
- Allow characters to hear messages sent through the radio when within speaking range of the speaker, even if the characters don't have functional headsets.
- Made organ damage non-limb-specific.
- Hostile bots now take stunning into account when evaluating the weapons. I.e. switch from stun baton to diving knife if the target is stunned and back to stun baton if it's not.
- Sodium and lithium explode in water.
- Item sprites can be rotated in the sub editor.
- Purchased adrenaline glands spawn in crates.
- Allow changing audio output device in the game settings.
- Added "Is On" property to pumps to make them easier to turn on in the sub editor.
- Tuned difficulty of level events, now with a less severe difficulty curve and more account taken of intensity.
- Numerous quality of life and visual improvements for stock subs.
- Mission specific creature variants.
- Node based event editor.
- Crawlers tuned to be considerably more dangerous.
- General creature balance improvements.
- Creatures avoid targeting the same targets as other characters of the same swarm/type. Should considerably reduce the "stacking", where multiple creatures attack exactly the same target.
- Bots can rescue/heal targets when they are inside wrecks/outposts.They are not allowed to switch submarines during the objective.
- Molochs' skirts are now fully severable and collide with the sub instead of floating through the walls.
- Grenades and syringe guns can be put inside toolboxes.
- Headsets no longer consume battery power.
- Added burn and lacerations resistance for assistant clothes, removed gunshotwound resistance.
- Alarm buzzers and sirens turn off if they're deattached and picked up.
- Made chemical and explosive crates water proof to make it possible to use them for transporting water-sensitive materials.

- Steam networking fixes and additional logging to address issues with some clients being unable to join servers.
- Ignore ballast tanks when calculating flooding in EventManager. Fixes intensity going up when a submarine with large ballast tanks dives.
- Fixed gaps generating incorrectly on sloped walls that have been mirrored vertically (horizontal gaps when they should be vertical and vice versa), preventing water from getting through the wall when it's damaged.
- Fixed sub MD5 hash not getting recalculated when saving a sub, causing a mismatch when trying to host a server without restarting.
- Fixed item highlights being visible in the generated sub preview images.
- Fixed cargo spawning partially inside walls in Azimuth.
- Fixed ragdoll going crazy when trying to run a wire past the maximum length.
- Fixed LOS effect "twitching" when the cursor is close to the character's position.
- Fixed handheld sonar pinging and quickly draining the battery when holding E.
- Fixed PowerContainer's charge indicator going outside bounds if the charge is set higher than the capacity in the sub editor.
- Fixed sub editor's entity list resetting when pressing esc.
- Fixed reactors degrading all the way to 0% condition and exploding when submerged.
- Fixed dumptofile command not including error messages.
- Fixed salvage missions not considering the item to be salvaged if it's inside a container in a character's inventory.
- Fixed ragdolls going crazy when moving directly from the sub to a ruin (e.g. when parking the sub so that the airlock is right against the entrance to the ruins).
- Fixed audio staying disabled when disconnecting and reconnecting the audio device.
- Fixed inability to detach an item the same round it's attached if it's been loaded from a save as a part of a character inventory at the beginning of the round.
- Fixed trying to give an order to a character who can't hear you when using the quick-assignment on the command interface.
- Avoid giving different campaign locations the same name.
- Fixed bots sometimes getting stuck in the "get item" objective, if the item was specified with a reference instead of identifier.
- Fixed bots getting stuck in broken hatches when they climb in ladders.
- Fixed a bug where a waypoint lost all the references when it was selected and the user pressed over an UI element, like the save button.
- Fixed OnActive StatusEffects not working on Vent components.
- Fixed characters not getting slowed down when walking/running in a partially flooded hull.
- Fixed SmokeDetector's Output and FalseOutput properties doing nothing.
- Fixed characters being able to play instruments while stunned.
- Attempt to fix the game process sometimes staying active after the game is closed.
- Fixed favorite and recent server queries causing errors if there's a very high number of them.
- Fixed audio not working on some systems.
- Fixed "kill" not being marked as a cheat command.
- Added a missing platform to Wreck1.
- Fixed "failed to spawn item, component index out of range" error when an item that originally spawned in a container has been moved inside another container whose ItemContainer component doesn't have the same index as the previous one (e.g. when moving items from cabinets in a wreck into a toolbox).
- Fixed mechanic tutorial getting softlocked if the oxygen tanks are put in the deconstructor without putting them in the player inventory first (e.g. by putting them inside a diving mask and moving them from there to the deconstructor).

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