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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello everyone!

It’s time for the final sneak peek post leading up to our 1.0 release, now just around the corner. The road has been long and the beginning of this year very busy with all the launch preparations, but we are excited to have made it this far. We hope more than anything that you will like Monday’s release – let’s take one last look at what you will find in it.

Faction overhaul

To anyone keeping a close eye on our news, the faction overhaul will already be pretty familiar. If you’ve missed them, however, take a look at these previous posts about the Coalition, the Separatists, and the clown and husk factions, where we’ve introduced all the four Europan factions as well as discussed the faction overhaul features in more detail.

In a nutshell, the faction overhaul fleshes out the four rival groups you can choose to side with, introducing new story events and faction-specific missions, as well as special items, perks, merchants and hireable NPCs you can unlock as rewards for amassing enough faction reputation.

Barotrauma faction NPCs for hire
New faction-specific NPCs. Can you guess who’s who?

On that note, we’ve reworked the reputation system: your reputation is now always measured per faction, resulting in fortunate or unfortunate consequences along the way. We’ve done away with outpost reputation, as all outposts are now controlled by either the Europa Coalition or the Jovian Separatists, and the Church of Husk and the Children of the Honkmother have their own districts in outposts. Thus your reputation with the controlling faction of an outpost or district determines what kind of welcome you should expect there.

Barotrauma campaign faction map
The campaign map is changing a bit to show the faction ownership and reputation at outposts.

We’ve also added a second path out of any biome and into the next, so now you no longer need to build a reputation with the Coalition to advance in the game; the Separatists control the other passageway, so you can play through an entire campaign under their banner, if you wish to.

Another addition in the faction overhaul is the Captain’s missing third talent tree. The talents in this tree, titled “Politician”, focus on faction-related experience gains and generally encourage you to pick a side and stick with it. The tree also offers some of the more powerful experience boosts to your crew.

Barotrauma Herja submarine fighting mudraptors

New endgame

Arguably even more anticipated, we’ve finally implemented the real ending of the campaign. If you’ve finished the campaign anytime in the past, you may have been disappointed to find there is hardly any content at the end. That’s finally changing on Monday, and finishing a campaign after that will unlock the proper endgame sequence. (Fun fact, it’s loosely based on a dream our lead designer had several years ago while having a fever.)

Barotrauma alien ruins artifact

We don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, so let’s just say the campaign ending will test the skills you and your crew have learned along the way, take you somewhere you have never been before in Barotrauma, and hopefully even answer a question or two in the process, if you pay close attention. The new endgame adds about 2–3 hours to the length of the campaign, depending on how thoroughly you want to comb through it.

We’ve been working on the endgame for a full year by now, and we can’t wait to hear what you think about it! Special thanks to our volunteer playtesters for all the bug reports and feedback on the endgame, and all your encouragement over the past months. Now that the veil is being lifted, we hope all of our players will find the conclusion worth the wait.

Barotrauma dangerous charybdis encounter

What else is new

Monday’s 1.0 update also adds many other improvements, chief among them the long-awaited language filter for the server browser. Now you can filter servers based on language to have an easier time finding a lobby you want to join.

We’ve also completely remade the Japanese translation of the game, and there are lots of smaller improvements coming too: improved projectile syncing in multiplayer, poison improvements, and various optimizations, to name a few things. The last three song additions are also making their way to the Supporter Pack soundtrack concurrently with Monday’s release.

And to answer something we’ve seen a lot of you asking over the past weeks: the new endgame and faction overhaul, as well as everything else in the update, are backwards compatible with old saves, meaning you should not need to start a new campaign to access the new content 1.0 brings. To get your campaign map to update properly, you will only need to travel to the next outpost. Some mods may need updating (particularly Lua, which will need to be updated whenever the game updates).

Barotrauma clowns inside submarine

Welcome to Europa

Rarely does one look forward to a Monday as much as we do today, and hopefully you do too! We are excited and nervous in equal measures, and very grateful to have made it so far with Barotrauma. Did you know that our original plan was to reach 1.0 the same year we entered early access – that soon proved too optimistic a plan, and fortunately, we were able to keep working on the game for a longer time.

Thanks to your incredible support and enthusiasm over the years, we have had the luxury of making Barotrauma into a much bigger, and hopefully better game than we ever imagined. We’re not done with it even now and will continue making updates post-release, but for now it is time to say: Thank you, and see you on the other side.

P.S. If you missed it before, take a look at this behind the scenes video about making Barotrauma!

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Hello everyone!

Our long-awaited 1.0 update is coming on Monday next week, so it’s time for the final sneak peek. How will Europa change?

Faction overhaul Over the past weeks, we’ve written about the various factions of Europa: the Europa Coalition, the Jovian Separatists, and the Church of Husk and the Children of the Honkmother. These factions bring with them some new storytelling, and they are the backbone of our faction overhaul. Other key features of the faction overhaul include:

  • Outposts are controlled by the Europa Coalition or the Jovian Separatists. The Church of Husk and the Children of the Honkmother also have their own enclaves in outposts.
  • Reworked reputation system: Faction reputation now follows you wherever you go. Expect negative consequences when sailing in hostile waters, and positive ones when docking at friendly ports.
  • Two routes between biomes: one controlled by the Coalition, one by the Separatists.
  • New faction-specific missions and long event chains to learn more about each faction.
  • The Captain’s third talent tree, “Politician”, with talents focused on the factions of Europa.
  • Faction-specific hireable NPCs with special skills and equipment.
  • New faction-specific items, such as 40mm nukes, molotov c*cktails and bananas (caution: slippery).
The end is nigh The other half of the 1.0 update focuses on the campaign endgame. The placeholder ending which has greeted those brave sailors who made it to the end will be removed, and the real endgame sequence will finally be playable.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, but let’s say the campaign ending will test the skills of your crew, and lead you somewhere never before seen in Barotrauma.

The update also adds many other improvements, such as a language filter for the server browser, a completely remade Japanese translation, improved projectile syncing in multiplayer, and various optimizations, to name a few highlights.

We’ve worked on the ending for a very long time behind the scenes, and we hope you will find it a fitting conclusion to your Europan adventure. Let us know how it plays – on Monday next week! Until then, you can read one more sneak peek post on our blog[barotraumagame.com].