over 4 years ago - UbiCupcake - Direct link
Hey Enforcer! Sorry to hear that you've experienced this. You can always report hackers/cheaters to us. If you have screenshots or footage of this, don't hesitate to include it in you report to us.

You can contact us either by creating a ticket here[support.ubi.com].

If you prefer to contact via social media, you can contact us on Facebook[www.facebook.com] or Twitter.

- Ubisoft Support
over 3 years ago - Natalino - Direct link

Cheaters are actively being banned. We do not allow the creation of new threads each time someone suspects a cheater. If you have a video evidence, you can share it under the dedicated thread for that. Other than that, such threads do not have any value except to clutter the forums. 

over 3 years ago - UbiYubble - Direct link
Make sure you're reporting anyone for cheating. Do you have any videos of this by chance?
over 3 years ago - UbiYubble - Direct link
Originally posted by Thermite: I heard from a friend of mine hackers are running wild again in the game is that true? because I've been taking another break until Steel Waves comes out

Unfortunately, there was an increase of cheaters in the past months. Our team has put programs in place to help ban and remove these hackers from our game. Now cheaters are getting banned whether they're online or not, we're working on reinforcing the bridge between our game and BE, and our team is working on other ways as well to combat cheaters. We've had massive ban waves over the past few days, and they're going to keep going!
over 2 years ago - Gay Myers (Luzi) - Direct link
I'm sorry for the experience you've made and that it ruined the round for you.

If you encounter someone you believe to be cheating, you need to report them in the end-game and send additional video evidence to support here: https://support.deadbydaylight.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000942011
about 2 years ago - Dienekes_SM - Direct link
Thank you for your report! please do report the account you believe was hacking on our Player Support website: https://support.sharkmob.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360003045858

Thank you!
over 1 year ago - Immusama - Direct link
Originally posted by Fear: Those aren't hackers.

Hackers can do far worse than a kid with a free cheat menu.

Yes it's a problem when it comes to this game- When I can't kick them, I leave to create a new lobby. No; devs won't add anti-cheat to the game.

I wouldn't say no to anti-cheat but simply not a priority as of right now.
14 days ago - EA_Antonio - Direct link

Hi @mrbandito86 


We have a rule to close any discussions related to cheating. This measure is in place because we cannot investigate cheating directly via forum. You can find more details here.


If you suspect any instances of cheating in our games, I highly suggest referring to our article on reporting players. It provides valuable guidance on how to address such concerns effectively. If your account is banned in relation to cheating, please contact our terms of service team. 


- Antonio


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