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26 Sep

Originally posted by HideYourAuntiesLoL

Hey devs I am the guy that was telling you guys that I don’t see the intros for lucky draws and the battle pass. You told me to show a screenshot but I don’t know how to post it on Reddit under a community post, just wonder if I could tag you guys on Twitter and you could tell me the problem over there. Thanks in advance!

Heya, yeah are you still running into that same problem? We sent up your report last time and the team was hoping that after a recent hotfix it would have essentially reset that for you. Also, sure tag us on Twitter with our account. Easy place to throw screenshots and info at us. Thanks for reaching back out!

Originally posted by _R3b0rN

Yep I was noticing that too. Responded to feedback that praises them but can't answer anything related to bundles or bug reports that haven't been solved or acknowledged etc.

What a joke. An advertising sign spinner on the street could literally do this person's job.

Heya, more than happy to take a stab at any bug reports, but we cannot reply further on bundles at this moment beyond what we said in the community post. We respond to a lot in general, especially with these community updates, but some discussions can only be addressed in broad ways instead of 1 to 1 like this.

Anyways, please do tag us and throw us at any bug reports we may have missed. We've gone through about 30 replies related to bugs in the last hour, so hopefully we have found most of them in this post.

Originally posted by ElCataMMT

hey r/CallOfDutyMobile Nice what you're doing with the game,keep up the good job
There is one thing i want to know : about Pistols,theres just the same MW11 and The J358
Anything about more secondaries?
Its boring to have the same two all the time

Hey there! First off, thanks for the kind words and yeah we've seen some similar comments a few times about a desire to have more pistols in particular (or knives). However, we tend to focus exclusively on primaries because of how most players use those exclusively. We do still want to add more secondaries, but it is just going to far less common than adding new functional primary weapons.

Originally posted by MilchbubiLP

Hey! You probably won’t see this! But. I think it would be awesome if you could add all game modes into private lobbies (esp. gunfight and ffa) if you see this. That’d be awesome. But I totally understand if you don’t. Thanks for making the best and most enjoyable mobile game I’ve ever played - a call of duty mobile enthusiast :)

Heya, we probably might see it ;). That is a bit tricky with private lobbies because a lot of modes, unless they are permanent, basically get activated for a set period of time while for those private lobbies it essentially requires something more like a patch.

We know, vague answer haha, but that is odd that FFA isn't option since that is permanent. We'll share that one up. Also, glad to hear you are loving and appreciate the uniqueness of CODM. We hope you love everything coming up next month for anniversary! It should be a great time for all types of players.

Originally posted by Shackel9

I’m having the same issue with missing rewards, specifically the tank and hvk. I did receive the xp cards tho.

Name: Shacktrocity
UID: 6742695388933259265

Hey Shackel, thanks for reaching out with that information and for letting us know exactly which rewards. That should help. We'll send up your info along with the rest as soon as we can, which should be early this next week.

Originally posted by bbraz96

I never received the HVK either.

IGN: Braz96

UID: 6754901873188864001


Heya, thanks for the information and for the specifics on what you are missing. We'll send that up as soon as we can along with everyone else here reporting the same issue. Have a great weekend and hang tight.

Originally posted by THEFIRSTONE1093

IGN: Ozone_Riot

UID: 6785240268272041985

Did not receive tank skin and HVK, you can find Merc 5 blood in the water as a proof for receiving tank skin

Heya, thanks for all of that information. We would strongly recommend removing your Open ID and Player ID, those are supposed to be private to your account. Your IGN and UID are all we need. We'll get back to you all in one way or another (hopefully with the rewards landing in your inbox) as soon as we can.

Originally posted by zakazombie

I'm missing both

Username: Zakazombie UID: 9053903870418989781

Heya Zakazombie, when you say both do you mean all three rewards? The tank skin, the HVK camo, and the purple XP card? Any specific there would help. Also, thanks for the information and for responding!

Originally posted by Kelshan103

In game username is Kelshan103. I got the skin and tank, but I don’t remember getting the xp cards. Tbf I never check the events so I don’t know if I didn’t receive them the first time around.

Ignore the bundle screechers, CoDM is doing great and I can’t wait for the anniversary.

Heya Kelshan, thanks for the response and for the support. We don't want to ignore anyone on any topic, but we hope that the discussion around that won't affect the excitement and uniqueness of everything surrounding anniversary.

Anyways, in relation to that bug we'll report your information up with everyone else as soon as can (at the beginning of this next week). Thanks for taking the time.

Originally posted by Phunsuk-Wangdu

I haven't got either of the rewards (neither Tank skin nor HVK Tin stitched or XP Cards) too

IGN - Phunsuk^Wangdu

UID - 6750967345168515073

Hey as well, appreciate the response and clear information. We'll send this up along with everyone else as soon as we can. Hang tight!

Originally posted by DaDiamondWolfz

I’m experiencing the same issue with missing mission rewards. I got the tank, but not the XP cards or the HVK skin, though I did grind for them.

IGN: KingDaForest UID: 6745578762664411137

Heya, appreciate the response and for specifying which rewards you are missing. The info looks straight forward and we'll work on getting this all up to our teams to investigate as soon as we can.

Originally posted by ru5tysn4k3


UID: 6790138390810984449

I have only received the Tank skin and don't have the HVK and XP cards

Hey, thanks for responding and for specifying what you did or not did not get. We'll send this all up at the start of the week and get a resolution for you all. Take care!

Originally posted by resperas


Username: PHX_Esperas

UID: 6753791053515980801

Thanks resperas. Sorry for not being able to answer your question, but we hope our answer above helps explain why we just focused on this bug related one.

Originally posted by Fast-Watercress6976

Mine still missing too pls help ; my uid -6746993468688039937 My username - M R X

Heya, thanks for responding as well and sorry to hear you are running into that issue still too. Are you missing all of the rewards or if not which ones exactly?

Originally posted by Killer614

It hasn’t been sent to everyone. I have been saying it for days now. I haven’t got my reward either. I always do all challenges every time. And have yet to receive the bugged rewards. - in game name. KÏLLËR614

Heya, sorry to see you are running into that too. Are you missing all three too or which specifics? All three would be the HVK, tank skin, and purple XP card. Also, could you provide your UID in case we have issues searching your username due those special characters you have? Usernames are case sensitive so we are just asking being careful. Thanks!

Originally posted by _cozzy_

Hey, I haven't received the hvk skin, the tank skin and the weapon XP cards My IGN: cozzy.コビー My UID: 6741485004889194497

Hey Cozzy, thanks for replying and for providing all of that information right up front. We'll add your info to the growing group of people reporting the same issue and send it up to the team at the beginning of next week.

Originally posted by Naruto11q

I still haven't recieved the HVK... Username - AoCRöach

Thanks for the reply and for the specific info. Could you drop your username as well? The way your username is made makes us worry that it will not populate when we search it due it being case sensitive.

Originally posted by PAVELSYM

Hello, I havent received any of my rewards from these events (no tank skin, no hvk skin, no xp cards)
UID: 6743191257184993281
Username: PAVELSYM

Thanks for reaching out and for providing all of that information right off the bat. We'll send your info up along with everyone else here at the start of the next week. Appreciate it!

Originally posted by Manimalai_

User name : AGEntCOulson UID : 6742797015459627010 Not yet received any reward

Heya, thanks for replying. Which rewards are you missing? Or all three (two from one challenge and one from the other)?

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
Something missing? Let us know and we'll add it!