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18 Oct

17 Oct

Heya, just an FYI for anyone trying to redeem these codes but some of them may not be active-able yet. Keep checking back please! They are meant to be activating throughout October with no clear dates we can point to at the moment.

Originally posted by iamlibert

On other credit store update likely on November 1st or around that

Yup! It will be in the next credit store update which should be in roughly two weeks.

Yes, that is a timer for how long it will be currently available. However, like all limited time new additions, similar to modes, we'll be monitoring to see how much players are playing it and what the general feedback is towards it. Always the possibility of something frequently returning or becoming permanent if people play the hell out of it and seem to love it overall.

16 Oct

15 Oct

Originally posted by hettyhuang

Yeah, this is me:)

Thank you for supporting us.

Love you guys!!!


When we reference people reading community posts and feedback all of the time, other than the team managing this account, Hetty is one the primary people we think of! Thank you OP for sharing this note and for appreciating the dev team, and thank you to everyone in general here for sharing the love. This is a massive day in CODM history and it has been a pleasure to spend it with this community.

Originally posted by Hyp3rXD

this update is definitely one of the best ive seen. Just a few questions though: what happened to the akimbo for mw11? and are we not going to be able to play br normal map? mine says emp access denied

The normal BR map will be available again later, no worries there, but for the MW11 we haven't had any news to share about the getting an Akimbo attachment.

Originally posted by Flacko_Se7en

Why i'm not getting the veteran frame even if i play this game since the official global release?

Update: I got it!

It is probably still on the way assuming you've played the game since launch and are still playing now. That isn't an instantaneous process so we have teams working on sending that throughout the night. Just hang on and keep checking for it every so often.

Originally posted by VengarTheRedditor

So I’ve been seeing a lot of players have received a special frame for playing since day one? Having played since October 1st myself I didn’t receive it so I was wondering what were the requirements for it

Edit: Got it at last! Just had to wait a little bit :-)

Heya, so it may still be coming to you! To put it simply, it is for players who played with us at the beginning and are still playing with us now. However, the process for sending those out will take a good while. Just hang tight and keep an eye out.

Originally posted by Tonytop8

Nope, played since launch and haven’t got this, my friend didn’t play beta but has it

Generally, it will be going out to players who have been playing since launch. For anyone who thinks they should be getting this, just hang on! These are still rolling out and haven't hit all players yet.

Originally posted by Alos9

I thought the Man-O-War Cardinal won the vote? Btw this update is amazing.

It did! That's coming in the next credit store update. Did we say something different? Also, glad to hear you are digging it. It is a massive one.

Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community!! We are truly thrilled and excited to finally share our brand-new Call of Duty: Mobile Anniversary Season (Season 11) with you all! We’ve been talking about it in some way or another for such a long time, so have you all in the community, and now you can finally access everything we’ve been building, tweaking, and getting ready to surprise you with. First and foremost, what’s a season launch without a season trailer? 😉


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