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I just tried to call psshutdown -r from an Administrator command shell, and after 20 seconds my Windows 10 (Pro / version 1803) did restart without asking me anything.

It’s probably something that is version specific, or maybe some hidden settings.

Can you take a screenshot showing the exact command line you used, what psshutdown displayed, and the actual windows dialog box?

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Have you run the tool once, to accept the EULA?
(There’s also a parameter to validate that you accept the EULA on the command line)

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Nope, I don’t get the box.
Could you try to lower the UAC level, see if it’s security related maybe?

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Depends of the context.
Basically you want the UAC high on a machine that is fully interactive, where you are going to do some web browsing, download and install applications, etc… to make sure that the popup appears when something tries to modify your machine configuration.

If you use the machine mostly as a fully automated server it should be fine without the UAC nagging you :slight_smile:

Another thing:
When you click start server in the launcher or if ‘start server if its not running’ is ticked. why does it open 2 steamcmd windows at the same time doing the same and after that sometimes a 3rd time.

That’s not normal, you are the first one to mention that, I wonder if other people had the issue?

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That’s unfortunately a know issue, if you search on the topic you’ll see there’s a number of mentions.

It’s basically due to a problem with the way the Steam API works, our next game will use our own system to list the servers (similar to what we did for consoles), but that’s (probably) not going to happen on Exiles (at least not in the near future!) .

Sorry for that!

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Can you confirm that this only happens when using the on/off/restart buttons?

Could be a race condition: The state machine to handle all the asynchronous updates, checking of server availability, restart conditions, backups and message sending, etc… has gotten kind of complicated :blush:

I’ll take a look when I find 5 minutes.

Thanks for the report!

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First, which version are you using of the launcher?
I’m asking, because that’s one of the things I fixed in 1.0.25:

  • Disabled the TestPort when the server is running to make it less confusing

Basically the port testing requires that the ports are not in use, which is why it does not work when the server is running. It’s just a pre-check to validate your configuration.

Now, the problem of the server not being visible in the server list is a well known issue, and that has nothing to do (in most cases) with your configuration: It’s just that there’s been so many servers running that the system used to keep track of servers is not able to keep up… and that’s not something we can easily fix without basically rewriting a large part of the server authentication/registration system.

Ok, so I assume you are doing the following:

  • Game Server is not running
  • You edit the content of the ini files from \Saved\Config\WindowsServer and save them
  • You start the server with the launcher
  • A short while after the server is running, you look at the ini file and your changes are gone, including any change made by the server launcher.

Is that correct?

Is that something that started recently (say, after a recent patch), or did that never actually work?

Bonus question: If you do not edit the decay parameter, do you still lose the server launcher parameters (password, daily restart etc…), or does that happen ONLY if you also edit the decay?

Finally: Could you list the exact list of parameters you changed or added (which file, which section, actual change, and whatever was there before).

Maybe you stumbled on something in the code where entering something that the server does not like ends up in reverting the file to the actual defaults, in which case I’ll have to inform the dev team.

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Does it still crash if you disable the mods? (just for testing)

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Another version with only a few minor changes, but all the request have been written down…


Dedicated Server Launcher 1.0.26:

  • Hopefully fixed the problem with SteamCMD starting twice now and then (Stinger, MidnightFC, Sciiti)
  • Changed the “could not find server executable" message to “No Server installed: Please click on the install button (located bottom right!)” to limit confusion (skunkwerks7)
  • Added an horizontal scrollbars to the log output window (MarcBomber)
  • Modify the warning dialog box when starting a server to allow the user to either “Save then Start”, “Start without saving” or “Cancel” (skunkwerks7)
  • Added fields for custom messages for restart, ready, shutdown, etc… (MidnightFC)
  • Manual Restart and Shutdown messages are now also sent on RCon - not just on Discord

And here is what the version looks like:

DedicatedServerLauncher1026-Changes.png1207×663 85.8 KB

It’s mostly minor changes, but sometimes it’s all I can afford to add, sorry!

I’m not 100% confident that the double SteamCMD launch has been fixed, mostly because it never happened to me, but I did tweak my state machine to make the order of things more predictable… which may also mean I may be have introduced some new bugs, so please feel free to report issues.

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All the versions I post here are for somebody to test that they behave without a problem.

After I get positive feedback that there’s no adverse effect, it then become the new official version and I then only I update the topic title and documentation :slight_smile:

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Question: How fast does the SteamCMD window appear after you press Start?
Is it instant, or is there some slight delay? And is any of the window show some warning or error message?

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I had the idea that the rcon broadcast would have time to display the players a box explaining this is not a server crash but just a manual restart or shutdown initiated by the server admin.

Last not least, I hope the delayed restart function is still on that ToDo list. I usually like to give folks some time to get to a safe place and logout even when manually shutting down the server, so it would be very nice if I had a button “restart in 10 minutes” that would automatically start a countdown and send the same messages to the server and discord that are sent when the server has its scheduled restart.

It’s on the list:

Feature request list:
- Add an "import server configuration" button to make it easier to migrate existing servers (skunkwerks7)
- The DedicatedServerLauncher does not restart the server itself. Can you add a healthcheck and automated restart? (MarcBomber)
- Will you add a player chat window? To view the player chat separately from the general LOG window (DemarumeRu)
- A button with automatic time to close the server and shutdown the computer (like restart daily at…) (Noliv)
- a button to close the server without restart: if restart automatically is selected, it restarts when you shutdown by the button (Noliv)
- Add an "import server configuration" button to make it easier to migrate existing servers (skunkwerks7)
- Possibility to shutdown/restart the machine automatically (Noliv)
- Possibility to check for workshop updates while a server is running (Sciiti)
- Easier way to set up PVE, PVP, PVE-K, etc... (PitMonk, DemarumeRu)
- Problems with the number of players not sticking (DemarumeRu)
- Instead of the immediate restart button, could we get another one that starts the same countdown that regular restarts do (eg. 10, 5 and 2 minute warnings).  (MidnightFC)
- Would it be possible to have the discord bot relay commands to the launcher and not just the other way around? Like making broadcasts or ordering a restart via bot commands from admins of the discord server? (MidnightFC)

Impossible Requests:
- ServerLauncher on xbox/ps4 (thoth-anon)

Hopefully I did not miss anything.

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It’s what @MidnightFC pointed regarding the RCon part.

It’s still useful for people using Discord: If you are on discord, you see that the server was manually restarted or stopped, so you don’t have to worry if it’s your own internet connection that failed or some other random event.

These messages were already sent in the earlier versions, all I changed was the fact that now you can change the message to whatever you want (and yes, send it to Rcon as well, but I can remove that since that seems useless and confusing).

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Thanks for the feedback, your guess is probably as good as mine regarding what happened :slight_smile:

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That’s definitely doable.

Maybe I could save a list of the last 10 used messages, and have a combo to select them, so if there’s a bunch of message you often send, you don’t have to retype them?

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Would you believe me if I told you I was asked about your question by a support guy this very morning?
I gave him the name of the person to contact in the UI team who worked on this particular UI, to see if that was just something we could easily add or not.

Basically the question is to know if the underlying code already accepts host names or if only supports IPV4 format. If the background code supports host names, it’s just a matter of fixing the UI’s “filter”, else that would require some actual code change.

tldr, the message was not missed :slight_smile:

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Not at the moment, but this has been one of the most requested features.
It’s unfortunately not trivial to implement, I tried to do it on the side but I think I’m going to ask if I can do it officially as a part of our next development sprint because it’s not something that can be done in just a couple of hours.

What would help is if some of you could describe me what would be the ideal process so the whole thing work smoothly.

Let say I manage to detect in the background that there is a new version of the server and/or mods…

  • should I just savagely quit and apply the updates?
  • should I send some messages on RCon/Discord to warn, maybe even display the full list of what was found to update?
  • how do we handle the fact that maybe half of the mods are updated, will that crash the server on startup?
  • what if after having restarted the server, 3 minutes later a new update is available for another mod, should we just restart again?

For what I see, all this web page does is to generate a steam://connect/aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:27015 URL that you can click on.

Does any of you know if Discord accepts these links?

If yes, then maybe a simple solution would be to have the “Server Ready” message sent to discord to just add the steam connect URL with the current IP of the server, so people on the Discord chat could just click on the link?

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I did a quick test, passing the steam connect url with or without the password is working fine, I sent it to my discord chan, and clicking on it did open Exiles in Steam, eventually asking for the password before launching the game if I did not correctly add the /MyServerPassword to the URL.

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A quick look at the game UI code suggests that it should be doable, now, I’m not in charge of the priorities, and there’s a limited number of coders that are working on a limited number of things at the same time, so I’ve no idea if/when it’s going to be fixed.

That being said, I’ve implemented the steam connect string thing, so if you get yourself a discourse channel for your players, they will just have to click on the link when your server is ready, and personally I think it’s actually better than having to go in the game, click on multiplayer, click on direct connect, enter the host and port, enter the password and click ok…

Why do all that when you can just click on a link and it all just works :smiley:

@Gilikoth and @stinger, I’ll see if I can get some work done on that (no promises).

On a side note, have our Russian and Chinese friends noticed that the fix for the unicode support in RCon is finally in the game?


From now on you should be able to use unicode characters (in the limit of the fonts supported by the game, obviously) for all your admin messages. (And for the ones who wonder what’s written, if Google Translate is correct, it means “Looks like it’s working”, hopefully it’s correct, I would hate to have written something dubious by error!)

EDIT: You probably should wait for the next version, it seems that using unicode in the ini files triggers the weird bug @Sonja was talking about. Going to fix that, was a stupid UCS16/UTF8 glitch in the ini file loader.

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

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Could you send me the content of your Logs/DedicatedServerLauncher 1.0.27.txt log files?

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I can confirm there is a problem, it does happen on my home machine, but it does work fine on my work machine, not quite sure what happened there.

Going to dig a bit more…

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@stinger Could you give a shot at that one?


Funny how a missing “++pos” can just make a file parser get stuck on a loop…

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The official version is still 1.0.25 because I need some people to test versions and tell me they are good for them before I mark them as official.

All the versions can be tested side by side in the same folder, so you can give a shot at 1.0.28, report your findings, and if it seems good to go, it will become the new official one.

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Could you give me a list of the warning messages you are using, or even better, your ini files, before and after they get cleared. That would be very helpful!

If somebody else can confirm that 1.0.28 is good to go, I will push it as the new official version :slight_smile:

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