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I’m sorry you feel Savage Wilds received special treatment. However, that is false.

I can also state that your mod team (Moen) received documentation of my 1st Edition PDF before I even released it to the public. I never once received any inside information from Funcom on how to do maps. I simply did my own research which took me over a year. In fact, it was Rob who challenged me to bring the info to you (the public) under heavy correction.

The Savage Wilds’ story has been well documented, and you can hear and read it firsthand.
Read here: Savage Wilds - A Conan Exiles Map Mod | How we Built it
Listen here: Meet the Author's Behind SAVAGE WILDS and New Server | Conan Exiles 2021 - YouTube

11 days ago - AndyB - Direct link

Hey all,

You know, it’s honestly our fault if you feel that you didn’t find the help you needed or the exposure/promotion you wanted for your mod, and we’ll take responsibility for that if you feel slighted in any way. We’ll be more mindful of spotlighting mods in the future - it can sometimes be a delicate issue since a large portion of our playerbase (e.g. console players) simply don’t have access to mods and can cause a little friction on social media - but we’ll do what we can.

Now, that said, I will have to remove the link that references direct messages with one of our developers and antagonizing them; we understand you’re frustrated, but we have to ask you to refrain from placing blame or attacks on folks like Rob, whom have been instrumental in the cultivation of the entire modding community. Blame me or someone instead :stuck_out_tongue:

To all our modmakers; thank you for all you do, and for those who play with mods, thank you for supporting their creations. Please remember mod makers are people too, and most of them do this kind of stuff in their spare time. Attacks or demands made of them are just rude and uncalled for, and unwelcome.

If you or anyone else has any questions or concerns about this particular topic, please message us directly.