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Greetings, Exiles!

With 2.4.6 we’re bringing character map transfers for single player and co-operative modes in a new feature called Character Copy . This was a community requested addition to the server character transfer feature, and we decided to make it its own thing and release it as a separate QoL addition for Conan Exiles. This feature does not rely on the server character transfer functionality, nor depends on its server infrastructure.

Here’s how it works:

Who can use it:

  • This feature is available for any players in single-player, but only for the host in co-operative sessions.
  • When transfering you will be able to choose to just transfer your character, or all player characters present in your save. i.e. in a co-operative session, the host can choose to bring all player characters with them to the new map.
  • Characters can only be copied to maps with already existing save files. This means that if you haven’t played in the Exiled Lands or Siptah yet, and want to transfer to that map, you will have to first start a new game on the map you plan to transfer to before being able to send your character there.
  • Any previous characters present on the destination map will be overriden with the ones being transferred.
  • There are no restrictions for this feature and you can use it as many times and as often as you want.

Note: On PC, mods are supported but not guaranteed to work 100% with this feature. Please make sure to have a backup of both your databases available in case you need to restore them.

What is transferred with your character?

  • Your character’s name.
  • Your character’s appearance.
  • Your character’s feats (learned and acquired).
  • Experience and attribute points.
  • Your Journey Steps progress.
  • All items in your character’s backpack, equipment slots and shortcut bar/wheel.

Thralls, buildings and any other items not mentioned above will be left behind in the old map.

What is inherited by your character in the new map?

  • Building, placeables and thralls owned by a previous existing character on your account on the destination map.
  • Clan and clan rank from a previous existing character on your account on the destination map.

This means, that if you transfer your character back and forth between maps, you will inherit previously left behind possessions.

How to do it:

1- Start the game in single-player mode, or as a host in co-operative mode, and select the map where you have the character or characters you want to transfer.

2- Open the main menu (by pressing Escape (PC), or Options (consoles)) and select the option “Character Copy”.

3- A new menu will appear where you can select a destination map and which characters to transfer from the available options. Once you have selected which character or characters to send to which map, select “Copy Character”.


4- A confirmation prompt will appear, and you will have to confirm your selection by typing in the word in the prompt and selecting “Copy Character” again.


5- You will receive a confirmation on screen if the previous step has been successfully completed. Your copied characters should now be ready to play on the destination map!

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You can do that. Transfer can be done from and to each map.

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Greetings once again, Exiles.

We’ve got more news about this feature. We have edited the original post to reflect this new information.

On Xbox, it is now available as part of 2.4.6 in BETA form. The feature is functional, but it may sometimes not transfer the character on special circumstances. This should not cause data corruption or loss of characters, so we decided to make it available in this platform.

On Playstation, this feature will be disabled once 2.4.6 is released on this platform. This is a bit of disappointing news, but we chose not to risk data loss and corruption on this platform until we’ve made it fully functional. It will come in a future patch for this platform, and on Xbox as a final version as well.

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